Research on digital watermarking technology based

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Research on digital watermarking technology based on MATLAB

Abstract: as an effective method of digital media copyright protection, digital watermarking technology has aroused great interest at home and abroad in recent years. However, due to the wide range of knowledge involved in digital watermarking technology, even professionals sometimes feel powerless, so how to choose an effective programming tool has become an urgent problem to be solved. Starting from the characteristics, general models and typical algorithms of digital watermarking technology, this paper briefly introduces an efficient practical language Matlab, which can be used quickly. Finally, the author gives an example of implementing digital watermarking with MATLAB

key words: digital watermarking matlab visual c++6.0 DWT dct

1 introduction

as an effective supplementary method to the traditional encryption system, from the digital watermarking officially proposed by caronni in 1993 to now, in just a few years, both at home and abroad, the research on digital watermarking has attracted great attention that people are more prone to the delay of fusion caused by stress masking after surgery. However, the development of digital watermarking technology is still immature, and its application is also in its infancy. In China, intellectual property is a sensitive topic. Only by carrying out in-depth research on digital watermarking technology and formulating China's copyright protection watermarking standards as soon as possible, can we take the initiative in possible future international intellectual property disputes. Then mastering efficient tools has become a problem that must be solved. According to the characteristics of digital watermarking itself, this paper introduces an efficient practical tool MATLAB

2 digital water spring experimental machine uses time printing technology in operation

2.1 complexity of digital watermarking technology

digital watermarking technology involves communication theory, coding theory, noise theory, audio-visual perception theory, spread spectrum technology, signal processing technology, digital image processing technology, multimedia technology Pattern reorganization technology, algorithm design and other theories use the classic DFT (Discrete Fourier transform), DCT (discrete cosine transform) transform and the most advanced mathematical tool in modern times - wavelet

digital watermarking is an interdisciplinary science that spans computer science, physiology, cryptography, digital, digital communication and other disciplines, and is closely related to the development of the Internet. The multi-disciplinary nature of digital watermarking leads to the difficulty and complexity of digital watermarking technology research. Therefore, according to the interdisciplinary characteristics of digital watermarking technology, finding a suitable programming tool can often get twice the result with half the effort. Next, I will introduce matlab step by step from the general model of digital watermarking

main technologies of digital watermarking

at present, the research on digital watermarking is mainly focused on images and images, while the research on voice is not many. However, at present, some companies have applied digital watermarking technology to CD and MP3 in the market to protect copyright. In fact, these two algorithms are basically the same in information hiding. The fundamental principle is to use the sensory redundancy of human eyes and ears to image and speech signals

early algorithms emphasize the invisibility of watermarks and ignore the robustness of watermarks. The theoretical basis of these algorithms mainly comes from the fields of statistics, image coding and processing. At first, people used the least important bits in speech and image to hide information. However, it was later found that after such a place, the digital watermark was greatly affected by the general signal processing algorithm. Later, people superimposed the information on some of the strongest signal components and found that it could effectively improve the effect. For example, the strongest frequency component in the frequency domain of speech and image, or the foremost part of the signal in the time domain

at present, the main technologies of digital watermarking include: digital watermarking hiding and detection based on wavelet transform, digital watermarking technology based on multiresolution decomposition, strong rebound in the dry bulk shipping market on the 18th Digital watermarking algorithm based on modular operation and new digital watermarking technology based on integer transformation and one-way function

MA Miao

(Master candidate of Computer Department of Xi'an University of science and technology

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