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Research on the database design of food packaging methods

I. preface

with the development of social production and science and technology, food packaging methods are flexible and varied. The purpose of food packaging is mainly to protect food from the influence of chemical, physical and microbial factors, ensure the nutrition and inherent quality of food, and thus ensure the health of consumers. In addition, packaged food provides many convenient conditions for transportation, storage, sales and use, and promotes sales at the same time. Reasonable food packaging can prolong its storage life and shelf life, and greatly reduce the deterioration tendency of food, thus reducing the deterioration and loss of food

there are many kinds of foods with different characteristics. Different foods have different corruption mechanisms, so they have different packaging requirements

starting from the study of food packaging methods, this paper uses the advanced database software FOXPRO to establish a database of food packaging methods, and then analyzes the characteristics of food packaging according to the characteristics of the database, and obtains more standardized data, which is conducive to solving the current situation of various food products, different packaging methods, but no data to follow. This paper provides a more comprehensive and systematic design idea for technicians who study food packaging methods. It has more positive significance for improving food packaging technology, extending the storage life and shelf life of food, reducing the deterioration tendency of food, and reducing the deterioration and loss of food. In addition, it is also conducive to the standardized management of the food packaging industry and provides a basis for the database of future packaging engineering

II. The necessity of food packaging

analyze various environmental factors, and the impact on food quality is as follows:

1 The impact of light on food

light has a great impact on food nutrition, which will accelerate the decomposition of nutrients in food and cause food decay reaction

2. The effect of temperature on food

the effect of temperature on the proliferation of microorganisms in food and the reaction speed of food decay are quite obvious. Especially, when the auxiliary input piston moves sinusoidally with appropriate temperature and oxygen, the influence of temperature on food is more worthy of attention

3. Oxygen finite element method is more and more widely used in fatigue analysis. Its impact on food

oxygen in the atmosphere has a considerable destructive effect on the nutrition of food. Therefore, many foods require to minimize the contact with oxygen, or prevent oxygen from contacting food continuously through packaging. The effect of oxygen in the air on coke prices in other regions is temporarily stable. Food mainly causes the oxidation and corruption of oil in food, the destruction and deterioration of protein, and the destruction of some vitamins in food

4. The influence of humidity and moisture on food

after absorbing moisture, food will not only change and lose its inherent properties, but also easily lead to the oxidative decay reaction of food and accelerate the corruption of food

5. The impact of microorganisms on food 3

the impact of microorganisms on food is self-evident. One of the purposes of food packaging is to prevent food from being polluted by external microorganisms, so as to extend the retention period of food and ensure its use value

considering the above harmful effects of external factors such as light, temperature, oxygen, humidity and microorganisms on all kinds of food, we must adopt scientific and effective methods to eliminate them, ensure the stable quality of food in the circulation process, more effectively extend the storage period of food, deliver fresh and delicious food to consumers, and ensure the health of consumers

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