Research on digital printing technology of the hot

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Research on digital printing technology of wool fabric continued

1.2 instrument

a. ENCAD croma 24 TM printer: 300dpi, width 60cm

b. PC, installed with large printing software: Montaigne (Professional Edition)

c. color difference color fastness instrument sc-80a, Beijing kangguang optoelectronics company

d. electric constant temperature water bath pot HH · s, The detailed analysis of plastic product failure caused by human error in Beijing Chang'an scientific instrument factory is shown in Figure 2

E. TN tray torque balance, Shanghai No. 2 balance instrument factory

F. manual high-pressure watering can

1.3 experimental method

1.3.1 pretreatment process of wool fabric

dissolve 1~4% solid ph=3~4 water, spray evenly with manual high-pressure watering can, dry and iron for standby

1.3.2 preparation of ink

the four color food pigments of pulp yellow, magenta, cyan and black are dissolved in organic solvents respectively, filtered to remove impurities, and then added with solvents to obtain refined dyes. The refined dye of the pulp is mixed into an aqueous solution containing about 2% wetting agent, solubilizer and preservative. After filtration, it is ink

1.3.2 textile post-treatment process

digital printing of textiles should avoid damaging some procedures. After steaming for 30~40 minutes, wash with water, float and dry

1.3.3 determination of soaping fastness

according to the requirements of the national standard GB equivalent to the international standard iso105/C01 ~ C05 - 1982 Textiles - color fastness tests - color fastness to washing: wool fabrics, use the method 1 of the above standard, that is:

soap solution: 100ml, Concentration: 5g soap tablet/l

pioneered new utilization and user experience. Soaping temperature: 40 ± ℃

time: 30min

1.4 colorimetric determination

samples before and after soaping are measured for colorimetry and discoloration degree with color difference color fastness meter sc-80a, and then the corresponding Munsell label and main wavelength are calculated [6], or GB equivalent to iso105/a is used to evaluate the discoloration degree

2 results and discussion

from the data in Table 1, we can see that the soaping discoloration degree GS and color fastness SSR are very good, GS is above grade 4, SSR is above grade 4, and the color is also very bright, basically reaching the printing level of imported similar inks

Table 1 wool food pigment ink digital printing results

3 conclusion

food pigment ink jet printing ink is bright in color, color matching and easy to use: it can be printed directly with Large Print software: Montaigne (professional version), with stable performance and long-term storage. The soaping fastness of wool after pretreatment reaches more than 4 levels, basically reaching the level of similar imported products, and the price is only one fifth of that of imported products, In addition, the ink can also be used for paper inkjet printing, and the price is similar to that of paper ink. The operation of the inkjet printer can improve the purchasing efficiency; On the other hand, it is not necessary to change the ink often

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