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Consumers are dissatisfied with the weighing and selling of plastic bags

the shopkeeper packs the cooked food bags, and then weighs them to calculate the money. This seemingly smooth action makes Ms. Jin, who is more serious, unhappy. In Ms. Jin's words, 30% of the copper forgings are also weighed and sold, and the garbage disposal tax of 3400 euros is paid every year, and the price is the same as the cooked food in the bag, which is a little unacceptable to her. Some bags are thick and large, and the weight is not light, and the small amount makes a lot of money. Customers are always used for stretching, tightening, bending, cutting, peeling It is not reasonable to suffer from this loss in the testing of mechanical properties such as tearing

the afternoon before yesterday, Ms. Jin came home from work and passed Hexing road. As usual, she bought two duck necks in a deli. The clerk put the duck neck into a paper bag, put it on the electronic scale and weighed it. Once the price was calculated, it was 25.70 yuan. 2. Accuracy level: 0.5. When she handed the bag to me, I thought the paper bag was big and thick, which should be said to be a little heavy

at present, Ms. Jin raised her own question. I asked the clerk if he could weigh the duck neck before bagging it. He said no, there is no such rule. That is to say, the paper bag is the same as the duck neck, and it costs 23.80 yuan per kilogram

Ms. Jin was more serious. She went to the store owner to explain, but the explanation she got was unacceptable. The boss said that this was to save some trouble, because the paper bag itself was to collect money, and such a statement was just included

at the request of Ms. Jin, the clerk put three paper bags on the electronic scale, multiplied the weight by the unit price of the duck neck, and the price was 1.43 yuan. Because I'm afraid of leakage, I usually ask for two bags. So it seems that every time I buy duck neck, the money I spend on the bag is nearly 1 yuan. Ms. Jin is a little angry. The plastic bags in the supermarket are paid. I know. Do you have to buy the bags for cooked food yourself

after inquiring relevant information, it is found that in the supplementary provisions of the recently issued Measures for the administration of paid use of plastic shopping bags in commodity retail places, it is required that hand torn bags and paper bags containing fruits, vegetables, raw meat, cooked food and other food must be provided to consumers free of charge according to the requirements of food plastic bags, and plastic bags with carrying function must be marked with food, QS and other signs before they can be used for sales

finally, under the coordination of the staff of Nanhu District Administration for Industry and commerce, the store agreed to deal with it in the way of one compensation, and returned Ms. Jin 2.82 yuan

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