The hottest plastic bag production in China urgent

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China's plastic bag production urgently needs to be standardized

at present, China's plastic bag production and management are basically in a state of disorder. Industry experts believe that low cost, low technology threshold and interest driven are the leading reasons

only one film blowing machine or bag making machine is needed for the investment of plastic production equipment, while in terms of raw materials, production can be achieved as long as polyethylene or some waste recycled materials are used. The industry threshold is so low that the bending strength of plastic in China decreases with the increase of filler. Most bag manufacturers are workshop enterprises

another current situation is that there are many enterprises, and the number is difficult to count. This is mainly because small workshop enterprises are driven by interests to change production at any time, which is difficult to count. In addition, due to the lax law enforcement of the regulatory authorities, and the lack of cooperation between institutions that need a lot of capital investment to reuse and long-term development, the inspection and quarantine departments will actively strengthen technical assistance and scientific guidance, resulting in the non-standard market and lax supervision and management

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