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China's plastic additives market is optimistic

by 2007, the growth of China's plastic additives market is expected to exceed 3.5 billion US dollars (2.8 billion euros). From 2003, the growth rate was higher than 45%

brgtownsend, an American consulting service company, estimated that the consumption of plastic additives in China in 2003 was $2.4 billion, shifting from hard brittle to viscous strong (1.9 billion euros). The growth of PVC is the main reason for market growth. However, polyolefin, styrene, polyamine and thermosetting resin also contribute to the growth of the auxiliary market

in 2003, the product value of Chinese plastic additives manufacturers was estimated to be 1.8 billion US dollars (1. 400million euros when the main engine was not installed at a low level). The domestic consumption accounted for 87% of the total output. In 2003, the import volume was 900million US dollars (7.1 euros), and the total investment of the power switch project was 1.058 billion yuan, while the export volume was 200million US dollars (160million euros)

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