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Plastic bag bowls are banned. There is still a certain gap between domestic and foreign levels. Plasticizers exude and cause cancer when exposed to heat

recently, Ningxia has completely banned the use of plastic bag bowls in catering links, otherwise the regulation of punishing according to law has aroused the approval of most office workers. They agreed that the dressing bowls covered with plastic bags seemed to be hygienic, but they were actually harmful to health and should be completely banned. After visiting many restaurants in Zhengzhou, it was found that the phenomenon of using plastic bags to cover bowls or directly contain food was very common

according to media reports, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Food and drug administration, which implements the comprehensive ban on plastic bags covering bowls, has said that most of these plastic bags are disposable plastic bags, which can decompose harmful substances in high temperature and oil environment, and long-term use will be harmful to human health, posing potential food safety hazards

in fact, many office workers have eaten a dressing bowl lunch that can decompose harmful substances for many years. At noon on the 20th, Zhengzhou white-collar Sun Jie began to bring her own bowls and chopsticks to the usual stalls for lunch. In fact, I have always opposed using plastic bags to cover dishes, but the stall owner always said there was no way, because there was no place to wash dishes due to restrictions. Sun Jie said that several open-air food stalls near her unit are places where she and her colleagues often go for lunch. If she doesn't bring a bowl, she has to use a dressing bowl every day

on a catering Street on Fengchan Road, a shopkeeper selling sliced noodles had already wrapped the bowls in plastic bags in advance, and when used, he would directly put the food in the dressing bowl, and when the guests finished eating, the scene of changing people without changing bowls began to take turns. The shopkeeper first threw the bag into the garbage can, then put the new plastic bag on the unwashed bowl and directly filled the food for the next guest. The density of carbon fiber composite is generally no more than 2g/cm3

at another snack stall selling Malatang and rice noodles, although the food with soup is steaming, the stall owner also uses bagged bowls. When guests ask to pack and take away, the stall owner will directly put the hot food into plastic bags

when asked whether he was worried about the potential health risks of bagging, the boss of noodles said frankly that lunch was the peak time for eating, and there were a lot of people, so there was no time to wash the dishes at all. Even after washing, some people would worry about not washing them. Put on the bag and keep the food out of contact with the bowl, which can not only avoid infectious diseases, but also be clean to use

then asked a number of diners. For what the stall owner said, more people felt helpless. Li Jing, an employee of the company, told me that I had long heard that plastic bags would decompose into toxic substances when exposed to heat, but it was no surprise that it was not possible to consider health for convenience

notice whether it is safe to cover bowls with plastic bags for usual protection and maintenance. Some insiders pointed out that plastic bags are divided into food bags and ordinary shopping bags, and special plastic bags for food must be used for food. Even if plastic bags that meet national standards can directly contact food, it is not 100% safe to use them to contain high-temperature food

however, after visiting many food outlets, it was found that the plastic bags used by most food stalls were very thin, and there was no QS mark or food specific mark

according to the news released by the China Consumer Association, the plastic bags used to cover bowls or plates contain a lot of stabilizers and plasticizers. This chemical will quickly exude and migrate to food when it meets heat or comes into contact with greasy food. If it is absorbed by the human body, it will cause carcinogenic harm to the body

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