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Industrial coating needs attention! "2+26" suggestions for comprehensive treatment of urban industrial coating are coming

industrial coating needs attention! "2+26" suggestions for comprehensive treatment of urban industrial coating are coming

October 20, 2020

industrial coating is a key industry under the control of VOCs in China's "13th five year plan". VOCs emissions mainly come from painting, leveling, drying and other coating processes, mainly from the use and volatilization of VOCs containing raw and auxiliary materials such as coatings, thinners, cleaning agents, adhesives and so on

the research on the topic of "Research on emission characteristics and emission reduction supervision technology system of VOCs in key industries" of the project on the causes and treatment of heavy air pollution shows that VOCs emissions from industrial coating in "2+26" cities are mainly concentrated in 8 cities, including Tianjin, Xinxiang, Cangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Binzhou, Zibo, Jining and Zhengzhou, mainly from 3 industries, such as equipment, furniture and automobile manufacturing. The exhaust gas is rich in benzene homologues, oxygenated organic substances and other substances with high photochemical reaction activity and high toxicity, which have a great impact on ambient air quality and human health. Since the implementation of the action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution and the three-year action plan for winning the blue sky defense war, the state and "2+26" cities have been actively promoting the prevention and control of VOCs Pollution in industrial coatings by including them into the scope of supervision of the air law, listing them as expected indicators of environmental protection planning, establishing and improving the standard system, implementing comprehensive treatment of key industries, and carrying out national pollution source surveys

in view of the characteristics of large air volume, low concentration and intermittent VOCs emission in the industry, "2+26" urban industrial coating needs to further establish and improve the whole process control system covering raw and auxiliary materials, production process, unorganized escape and organized emission. In the near future, the main measures to give priority to the comprehensive treatment of VOCs in "2+26" urban industrial coating include:

first, in view of the non-standard operation and management of enterprises, implement the "one factory, one policy" system and implement refined management and control. "2+26" cities should strengthen the assistance and guidance to industrial coating enterprises, organize experts to provide professional technical support to local enterprises with large pollutant emissions, strictly check, guide enterprises to prepare practical pollution control plans, and make it clear that raw and auxiliary materials are indispensable testing equipment material substitution, process improvement, unorganized emission control, waste gas collection Emission reduction requirements in the whole process such as the construction of pollution control facilities, and calculate the investment cost and emission reduction benefits

second, it is considered that controlling the source input is the fundamental way to reduce VOCs in industrial coating. In view of the insufficient source control, we should strengthen the source substitution. "2+26" cities should formulate alternative work plans for the promotion of low VOCs content coating products in key industries of industrial coating, and strengthen the source substitution of manufacturing industries such as automobiles, containers, furniture, construction machinery, ships, electronic products, etc. Implement differentiated management, encourage enterprises and the aluminum industry to increase their industrial initiative for every additional post, and speed up the use of powder, water-based, high solid, radiation curing and other low VOCs content coatings to replace solvent based coatings. Industries with mature technology can be basically completed by the end of 2020 before effective rectification. Third, in view of the prominent phenomenon of unorganized emissions, strictly implement the standard for the control of unorganized emissions of volatile organic compounds (GB 37822-2019) and strengthen the control of unorganized emissions. Comprehensively strengthen VOCs control in the storage, transfer and transportation of materials containing VOCs. Follow the principle of "collecting all receivables and collecting by quality", scientifically design the exhaust gas collection system, and control the unorganized emissions into organized emissions. Prepare technical documents related to VOCs waste gas collection, and clarify the specific technical requirements for the design, installation, operation and maintenance of waste gas collection systems in various industries

with the characteristics of strong scalability, non-toxic and environmental protection, accelerate the promotion of compact coating technology, advanced coating technology and equipment. Fourth, in view of the wide range of applications of coatings and the great differences in the technical development and user requirements of coating products of different types and fields, enterprises that cannot meet the product performance requirements by using low VOCs content coatings at the current stage should promote the construction of appropriate and efficient pollution control facilities. When building new pollution control facilities or transforming existing pollution control facilities, enterprises should reasonably select treatment technologies and standardize engineering design according to the concentration, composition, air volume, temperature, humidity, pressure, and production conditions of the discharged waste gas. Enterprises are encouraged to adopt the combined process of various technologies to improve the efficiency of VOCs treatment

in the long run, considering that the emission links, emission characteristics and applicable pollution control technologies of VOCs in industrial coating processes in different industries are quite different, it is considered to further subdivide the "2+26" urban industrial coating industry categories based on the seven major industries of automobile, container, furniture, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, steel structure and coil manufacturing according to the macro situation of coating production and consumption, Formulate the whole process control plan more pertinently

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