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Plastic bag intelligent packaging technology

there is a food safety indication packaging technology, which is a kind of plastic disc doped with dyes. It can show whether meat and vegetables have deteriorated by interacting with the gas released by food in the packaging bag. After this kind of plastic sheet is put into the food packaging bag, if the food in the packaging bag rots, it will release gas and change the color of the plastic sheet. Consumers can know whether the food is spoiled according to the color of the plastic sheet. This kind of intelligent packaging technology can only show consumers whether the food is spoiled, while another kind of intelligent packaging technology can control the environment in the packaging bag and prolong the fresh-keeping period of food

different fruits and vegetables need to be kept fresh under a certain concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which is difficult to control in sealed packaging bags. Because when the temperature is high, the fruits or vegetables in the packaging bag will consume more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. If not adjusted, the fresh-keeping period of food is bound to be shortened. In order to solve this problem, the company in California has been expanding its production capacity outside its headquarters in South China. A company in Menlo Park, California is studying a packaging film called intelimer. When the temperature changes, the membrane will automatically change its permeability, so that different foods can be kept under the optimal concentration ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Another way to slow down the deterioration of food is to use an oxygen scavenger to remove oxygen and control the air environment in the packaging bag, so as to avoid oxidative deterioration of food

at present, the commonly used method is to put a small sachet containing iron powder in the food packaging bag, through which the oxygen introduced into the medical packaging bag due to its elastic characteristics can be consumed. But this method has obvious shortcomings, because the warning sign of "inedible" on the small sachet is easy to cause consumer disgust. To this end, a seal gas company in New Jersey is producing a packaging material that can remove oxygen by itself, "one of the researchers said. This material has an oxidizable polymer inner layer, which can capture and consume oxygen in the packaging bag like iron powder

intelligent packaging technology can not only facilitate consumers to choose safe and assured food, but also extend the shelf life of food, which is conducive to the preservation and transportation of food, and has a broad market prospect. In the near future, the number of plastic packaging bags produced by intelligent packaging technology will account for 20% - 40% of the total number of food film packaging bags

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