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New Zealand: the use of picture warnings

since January 2007, in New Zealand, the new warnings on cigarette packs have come into effect. These new warnings include diseased lung organs, control, measurement, operation, 1-BODY structure rotten toes and rotten gums and teeth, as well as smoking cessation numbers to help smokers quit smoking. The warning will cover 30% of the front and 90% of the back of each cigarette box. By August, 2008, retailers must empty all their old inventory, and by January 27, 2008, manufacturers must produce new warnings. For example, Becky Freeman, the director of smoking and health activities in the medical device or automotive industry, said that the rules of the World Health Organization had forced New Zealand to increase the size of the police to improve their ability to lead development. "Using an impact image to remind people of the real and frightening impact of smoking will deter smokers, and first of all, prevent young people in New Zealand from starting smoking," said Damien, a former smoker and Minister of the Health Association? Damien O'Conner said

both Australia and Canada say that picture warnings have played a role in their countries. In New Zealand, there will be 14 image images, and 7 will be released in January. The cancer society agrees with these warnings, but it is worried that manufacturers will bypass the new warnings by using some tricks to cover the warning failure alarm, such as using tear off labels and slowly launching new packages through inventory of old packages

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