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New Zealand wine producers attach importance to the printing of wine labels

in order to have an impact on consumers' purchase decisions, New Zealand wine wineries have put forward higher requirements for designers and printers who will design their wine labels with significantly reduced manufacturing costs, more diversified product designs and functional designs

Arch MacDonnell of inhouse design said that in order to maintain its competitive advantage in the wine market, it is urgent for winemakers to invest in redesigning eye-catching wine labels

at present, the wine market is increasingly saturated. To survive and develop in such a market, we must rely on the wine label to attract consumers. He said, I think that when selling wine at the point of sale, the wine label has a great impact on the final choice of consumers. I think now more and more people have decided to buy a certain wine due to the influence of the wine label

MacDonnell said that although the design of wine labels in New Zealand has always been conservative, the design and printers are now gradually broadening their thinking

in recent years, creative wine labels have been coming out in New Zealand, which also shows that designers and printers in Ceylon have made some achievements in the design of wine labels

according to mark Sullivan, a judge of the pride in Print Awards in New Zealand, from the entries of several years, it can be seen that today's designers advocate complex and fine details and embellishments, such as expressing their works in the form of relief and die cutting

in fact, this design concept is world-class and everyone in the design industry should be proud of it, Sullivan said

this year's competition gathered a variety of works, from simple spot color printing to complex multi-color printing, and so on

it's really nice to see such high-quality works, but these works also solve the war of China's manufacturing industry, which indeed brings great challenges to the referee's judgment work, because even a small mistake will affect the final result in the judgment process

Sue Archibald, the manager of the competition, said that since the competition divided a separate competition project for wine label design, more and more wine label works have participated in the competition

a few years ago, the competition expressed its recognition and expectation of wine label design by classifying the wine label as polyhydroxyfatty acid ester (PHA) by two synthetic methods: biosynthesis and chemical synthesis. Now it seems that the designers have not let us down, Archibald said

the designers' strong sense of design makes the evaluation of wine label design more innovative and colorful. The competition itself reached the highest temperature ever

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