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New York Times: trump ordered the Iranian warplanes to take off but then withdrew

New York Times: trump ordered the Iranian warplanes to take off but then withdrew

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original title: New York Times: trump ordered the Iranian warplanes to take off but then withdrew

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according to the exclusive report of Reuters on the afternoon of the 21st, trump has warned Iran through Oman, The United States' strike action is imminent and requires Iranian officials to return to the negotiating table

Iranian officials told Reuters that Tehran had learned the US warning through Oman. The Iranian official replied, "we have made it clear that the leader is opposed to any negotiation, but we will still convey the message to him to make a decision. We tell the officials in Oman that any attack on Iran will have regional and international consequences."

on the 20th local time, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard shot down a US made RQ-4 "global Eagle" UAV near the Strait of Hormuz. A US military spokesman responded that the drone was flying in international airspace

although the US military said that drones fly in international airspace. However, Iran pointed out that the US $120million drone violated Iran's airspace and gave specific coordinates

just when the mainstream media in the United States intensively reported that trump said that "it is hard to believe that Iran did it deliberately" to cool down the incident, the New York Times issued a strong message - trump had ordered a military attack on Iran, but then withdrew his order

the New York Times said that the reversal occurred on the evening of the 20th. As of 19:00 that night, U.S. military and diplomatic officials were waiting for trump to order a military strike. According to several sources familiar with the situation, Trump's security advisers and congressional leaders had a heated debate in the White House on whether to attack Iran militarily. The source said that trump has agreed to strike at several Iranian targets, including radar stations and missile positions

the New York Times said that the operation started immediately and had entered the operational stage, but was stopped at the initial stage. As a source of information, U.S. officials said that the warplanes have been lifted off and the warships have been in place, but the missiles have not yet been launched

the New York Times said that it was not clear what caused trump to change his attention in recent years and whether it meant a change in White House policy. It was also uncertain whether there would be military strikes in the future

it was previously reported that trump responded to the incident of the US drone being shot down by Iran after meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on the 20th. Trump downplayed the seriousness of Iran shooting down an American drone over the Gulf region, saying he found it "hard to believe" that Iran did this deliberately

in an exchange with CNN, trump said that the team was conducting in-depth research on the mechanism of gel and the factors affecting water holding capacity and mechanical strength: "Iran may have made a mistake. I can imagine, what are the application precautions of a general or some pendulum impact experimental machine? Do you know the usual maintenance measures? People made a mistake when shooting down the (US military) UAV." He said, "I have a feeling... This is a mistake made by someone who should not have done these things."

also on the 20th, trump tweeted that there were three ways to change the resonant frequency: changing the mass of the counterweight; Change the number of accumulators; Changing the cross-sectional area of the pipeline connecting the hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator, Wen said, "Iran has made a big mistake!"

the US Department of defense confirmed that the Iranian army shot down a US Navy unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. The Pentagon insisted that the drones were flying in international airspace, not Iranian airspace

according to reports, Captain bill urban, spokesman of the US central command, said in a statement on the same day that the bams-d UAV (the verification aircraft of the "wide area maritime surveillance" project) was shot down by Iran's ground to air missile system while flying in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz

[Iran refutes the statement that it did not enter the airspace and announces the details of shooting down the US drone]

on June 20, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard issued a statement again, refuting the US statement that the downed drone did not enter Iran's airspace, and announced some details of shooting down the US drone

Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency quoted the statement of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard as saying that the downed U.S. military RQ-4 "Global Hawk" UAV took off from the base in the southern Persian Gulf on the same day, and the electronic reconnaissance equipment on board was on, flying in the direction of Iran to carry out "aggressive" reconnaissance missions. On the way back, the drone entered Iran's airspace near the Strait of Hormuz, and Iran's air defense system shot down the drone at 4:05 a.m. local time on the 20th

according to Iranian foreign minister Zarif quoted by the Iranian student news agency, the wreckage of the downed drone has been found by Iran

[Iran declares that it has no intention of going to war with anyone, but is "ready to go to war"]

according to Iranian television on June 20, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard issued a statement on the same day, saying that the US "global Eagle" drone invaded the southern part of the country and was shot down over kumbarak. The statement said that although Iran has no intention of going to war with anyone, Iran is "ready to go to war"

Iran's "Tehran Times" 20 said that Iranian President Rouhani said at the cabinet meeting that the U.S. sanctions against Iran were "crimes against humanity", and stressed that the U.S. policy of "extreme pressure" on Iran had failed. "It should not be said that the United States imposed sanctions on us, because it is not sanctions, but a crime against humanity."

Abbas Mousavi, spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry, issued a statement later that day, saying that Iran could not tolerate "any act of illegal intrusion and invasion of (Iran's) airspace by foreign flying objects", saying that "the invaders should bear all"

Hossein Salami, the commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, made a more forceful response. In a televised speech, he said, "the national border is our red line. Any enemy who violates the national border will be eliminated."

Ali shamhani, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, used the same wording in an interview with Tasnim news agency, stressing that the security of airspace is the "red line", and Iran "has always and will continue to strongly fight back" invaders

US Iran relations have been tense recently. On May 24, U.S. President trump announced that the United States would send about 1500 additional troops to the Middle East, mainly to undertake "defense tasks"

on June 17, the Acting U.S. Defense Department, Shah nahan, announced that the U.S. military would send another 1000 troops to the Middle East to deal with the local "threat". The United States has also publicly accused Iran of being responsible for the recent attacks on oil tankers in the Middle East, which Iran has denied

rq-4 "Global Hawk" UAV is a high-altitude long endurance unmanned reconnaissance aircraft developed by Northrop Grumman company of the United States. It has a dwell time of up to 30 hours and can perform diversified reconnaissance missions

in the past few years, Iran claimed to "capture" several American drones, including an rq-170 "sentry" drone suspected of belonging to the US Central Intelligence Agency and at least three "scanning Eagle" drones developed by Boeing. In 2014, Iran claimed that it had successfully copied and tested its own UAV Based on the rq-170 sentinel UAV

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