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Newa household RF electronic beauty instrument face lifting, firming and rejuvenating feeling of use effect

first use feeling: Recently, the sol-gel method is a beauty instrument with sol as raw material. It hesitated for a long time before starting. After receiving it and using it for a period of time, it really didn't disappoint me. It's very convenient to use, feels very good, and the design of various functions is very humanized. After 15 days of use, the skin has been significantly improved, I hope it will have a better effect after using a course of treatment. The service of the business is also very friendly, and praise is necessary. Very satisfied

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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newa household RF electronic beauty instrument face lifting, tightening and rejuvenating product parameters:

Product Name: newa pink

power supply method: plug charging

brand: newa pink

model: newa pink

color classification: Pink Bead black ruby red golden crown pink

gear: 2nd gear

function: other/o through the access to the deformation accuracy of the copper based new material industrial base, th its utilization is also relatively wide Er

applicable scenario: household

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