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The New Zealand cork association is going international

the New Zealand cork association is going international - they are now turning their attention to the international wine market

the international screw cap Initiative (ISI) is an extension of the New Zealand screw cap Association. This is a loose alliance organization composed of high-end wine producers. In 2002, they formed the New Zealand spinneret Association in order to unite and strive for more interests. In the new world, especially in New Zealand and Australia, the cork packaging movement is very popular, although wine producers in other regions still have resistance to it

lorine Carrigan, coordinator and organizer of the international screw cap Association (ISI), said: "as a pioneer leading the new trend, it must be modest. Our organization (ISI) allows members to slowly receive each other's large investment in the replacement of new materials "It is a witness thought to realize our long-standing and magnificent goal of exerting positive influence on the earth and learn from the experience of other members." Mr. Carrigan said: "we are negotiating with a large number of wine producers in other parts of Europe. Once we make progress, we will promote this movement to other parts of the world." Karigan also said that ISI will not only limit the spinneret movement to white wine

the first person to sign up for this association is Michel Laroche of chabli, who is now serving as the European representative of the organization to help detect materials with very large or very small elongation and obtain accurate experimental results. Mr. Laurence is a pioneer of the French spinneret movement: his company's Domaine Laroche brand. 2. Basic properties of fillers. Wines are now sealed in this way (since 2004), including the company's most famous reserve de l`obedience brand

isi association president Michael brajkovich, wine master of kumeu River, said: "Compared with red wine, it is easier for people to accept the packaging of white wine with screw caps. Therefore, in order to speed up the implementation of some key materials, it is our next job to publicize the benefits of using such packaging methods for red wine. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All people work together to explain to wine buyers and consumers why they choose screw caps."

source: Chinese wine information

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