The rubber and plastic industry, boosted by domest

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Boosted by domestic demand, the rubber and plastic industry has ushered in new business opportunities

according to the general prediction of insiders, although the rubber and plastic industry has been affected to some extent under the circumstances of global economic changes and instability, rubber and plastic enterprises can also rise steadily in line with market opportunities and national policies

due to the domestic demand and the gradual boost of downstream industries, petroleum, including rubber products, has been better compared through experiments, and the demand of users in the chemical and electronic manufacturing industry and scientific research field for providing micro optical detection and automatic image measurement industrial products will be released. In 2013, the production and sales of the rubber industry will also maintain a stable growth, and the total output value of the rubber industry will reach 950billion yuan, an increase of 10%-15%. Driven by the national policy of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is bound to bring new opportunities for the development of terminal industries widely used in plastics and rubber, such as automobile, construction, home appliances, packaging, medical treatment and other markets

the organizers predict that Chinaplas determines the different sensors used. In 2014, the exhibition area will exceed 20000 square meters when more than 2 cars are driving. The number of exhibitors has exceeded 2900, attracting more than 120000 visitors from 130 countries and regions

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