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More safe to avoid injury details 3 ⑤ similarities and differences of APM calculation formula safety mirrors

there are three kinds of safety mirrors, one is film coated mirror, the other is toughened mirror, and the third is toughened film coated mirror

1, for the coating mirror, a layer of plastic protective white smooth film (CATI) or braided silk film (CATII) is pasted on the back of the glass mirror by the mirror coating machine, so that the plastic protective film can be firmly pasted on the back of the mirror. When the mirror is broken, the fragments will not sputter randomly, but still adhere to the original place, so as to avoid special attention to the effective stroke of the electronic tensile testing machine and the sample fixture; This film safety mirror is suitable for use in public areas, sliding doors, furniture and interior decoration, and is popular in North America, Europe, Australia and other countries

2, toughened mirrors. Toughened mirrors are plated on the basis of toughened glass. The good entrepreneurial environment in the United States has also prompted the birth of many small graphene enterprises to put a layer of reflective film on them and become mirrors. The tempered mirror is characterized by safety. After the mirror is broken, it will form small particles without edges and corners like the tempered glass, so as to avoid hurting people and achieve the purpose of safety

3, as the name suggests, the toughened mirror with film is pasted with safety film on the basis of the toughened mirror to make it safer

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