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Safe and efficient, Chenglong gas vehicle makes jinyoujun's transportation road more stable

safe and efficient, Chenglong gas vehicle makes jinyoujun's transportation road more stable

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jinyoujun still remembers the dangerous accident in the summer of 2014, He told the transporter: "at that time, I was meeting on a muddy narrow road. The downhill section was slippery. When I accidentally clicked the accelerator, the entire dump truck cab rushed out of the mountain road and hung on the edge of the cliff. My heart was about to jump out. Fortunately, a stump stuck the chassis, and I escaped."

fortunately, the vehicle did not continue to fall, but it left a huge "psychological shadow" on jinyoujun. With lingering fear, jinyoujun decided to work in the factory and left the cab for three years. He finally "summoned up the courage" to return to the transportation industry in 2017 because he was not used to his work and income

making money is a small safety matter or performing curve amplification. Unlike professional drivers who only receive wages, jinyoujun invested and owned 40% of the shares of the Liuqi Chenglong H7 he drove in the company

he told that in March, 2020, the new 2020 guoliuchenglong H7 introduced by the company also adopted this partnership, which jinyoujun thought was very good. After all, his personal ability is limited. The company can help prevent and control risks. The more the transportation mileage, the more he earns. He is more motivated than before

jinyoujun highly recognizes the product quality of Liuqi Chenglong H7, especially its safety performance. Cltruck H7 adopts the keel frame structure cab, which is the first in China, to ensure the life safety of the transporter to the greatest extent in case of emergency; The inner tank of LNG storage tank of the vehicle is designed with two-stage safety valve, which adds points for safety again

now, jinyoujun is mainly responsible for the cement transportation from Leshan to Deyang, with an average of 500 kilometers a day. Every morning, he drives to the cement production plant to load bulk cement, then unload it at the concrete mixing plant in Deyang, and then return to Leshan in the afternoon. In recent two months, the company's orders have gradually increased, and he often works overtime to deliver goods

on the highway late at night, Chenglong H7 can always provide a bright enough field of vision. Jin Youjun said with a smile: "Chenglong H7 is bright enough to turn on its low beam light alone. Turning on its high beam light is like a small 'sun'." In addition to the high brightness and wide range, the modeling of cltruck H7 headlights is also atmospheric and profound, and the blue LED daytime running lights closely follow the fashion trend

after taking a stake in Chenglong H7, Jin Youjun not only received a salary of about 10000 yuan per month, but also received a dividend of 100000 yuan at the end of 2019. With hard work, jinyoujun found his own transportation rhythm again

the power of gas vehicles is surging

efficient transportation cannot be separated from a strong "heart". In the traditional impression of many transporters, LNG heavy trucks are inferior to diesel trucks in terms of overall power. However, with the progress of technology, this idea is obviously biased. The Chenglong H7 driven by Jin Youjun has strong power output

the vehicle is equipped with Weichai wp13ng engine which is highly recognized in Sichuan. The maximum horsepower is 430 horsepower and the maximum torque is 2000Nm. It is suitable for towing cement tankers; Matched with the engine is the fast 12 gear transmission with mature technology and high transmission efficiency. In addition, the company's fleet also has a new model equipped with 460 HP guoliu Yuchai engine

as for the driving experience, Jin Youjun commented: "the average gas consumption of the Chenglong H7 is less than 30 kg per 100 km. Although I don't run a long distance, I can clearly feel that the accelerator, brake and clutch of the vehicle are well adjusted and the feedback is appropriate. Even if" innovation for development "is the main purpose of the company's development, the driving feet won't be sour."

due to frequent access to the plant area with a large number of pedestrians, jinyoujun has installed a four-way blinding camera on his car. He said that since driving the Chenglong H7, he has not even had a scratch accident with regard to the use of organic chemical materials

Jin Youjun shared that "in case of an accident, one month will be wasted", so you must not panic when driving. If you want to speed up, you will fail. I taught myself a lesson when I was young. I always took extra care when holding the steering wheel. Predictive driving and defensive driving are actually summed up in one word - slow. We should slow down our mentality and speed

the income from transportation enabled jinyoujun and his family to build new buildings smoothly. He said that without the accident in 2014, his transportation route would have been more smooth; However, at the moment of shock, his transportation route was obviously more stable

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