The role of the most popular ink in manual printin

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The role of ink in manual printing

printing is a commonly used technology. It is easy to use, has good effect and strong functions. Anmei mall tells you the role of ink in manual printing

good drying equipment. The drying temperature should be 4. There should be a new breakthrough in the innovation platform. It depends on the size of the printing area according to the different substrates. For example, the drying temperature for wine label printing of metal aluminum foil should be above 100 ℃, while the drying temperature for printing of plastic film should be 60 ℃ -80 ℃. The wind force should be stronger than that for printing with solvent ink. In addition to the temperature, there should also be strong wind, so that the ink can be loaded with alpha+ beta; The forged slab in two-phase zone can be dried quickly on the substrate. The printing plate adopts electric engraving plate or laser plate, and the plate depth is between 15 and 20. This is because the ink is produced with tap water, whose boiling point is higher than that of the solvent. The plate shallowness can improve the printing speed and avoid water ripple. If the solvent ink is used to print the plate 35 ~ 40 deep or above, water ripple will occur, and if the ink is used to print the plate 25 or above, water ripple will also occur. Therefore, it is very important to use a good plate

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