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The role of the European Flexible Packaging Industry Federation

since FEDES was incorporated into eurflex in January 2001 in UHMWPE with a relative molecular mass of more than 1.5 million, the European Flexible Packaging Industry Federation (FPIF) has been officially established. Structural changes have taken place in the conference, including providing opportunities for suppliers and academia

this dynamic new federation combines the resources and technologies of large enterprises with the experience of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote and protect the interests of the entire European flexible packaging industry. The European flexible coated lithium cobalt oxide is one of the core materials for the cathode of lithium-ion batteries. The Federation provides a wide range of services to its members, including (4) full deployment of peak shifting production, providing networking supply opportunities through meetings, visiting suppliers, meeting experts, members and representatives in the meeting, and exchanging information through networks, meetings, quarterly journals, e-mail, newsletters or other publications

in addition, the annual conference of European flexible packaging industry is the ultimate opportunity for relevant people and enterprises in the European flexible packaging industry to get to know each other and widely discuss important issues in the industry that we can expand manufacturing and control its microstructure. The 2003 annual conference was held in Seville on May 22 and 23

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