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The safety and quality factors of chemical plants do not need to be tested by disasters.

since the second quarter, the safety accidents of domestic chemical plants have peaked, and accidents have occurred frequently one after another. For example, on July 16, the explosion and fire of Dalian Xingang oil pipeline occurred before it was stored in the oil tank, which has caused at least 50 square kilometers of sea pollution in the nearby sea area, and the marine pollution removal work was fully carried out on July 17. On July 28, a deflagration accident occurred in a plastic factory in Nanjing, causing heavy losses. On July 28, due to the catastrophic flood, 7000 barrels of chemical raw materials from a chemical plant were washed into the Songhua River in Jilin Province. Today, Huicong paint will take you to review several typical examples:

event 1: 7000 chemical raw material barrels flowed into the Songhua River

event review: on July 28, due to the catastrophic flood in Yongji County, Jilin Province, a batch of raw material barrels containing trimethylmonochlorosilane were washed into the Songhua River in Xinya intensified plant of Yongji economic development zone. According to the latest statistics, about 7000 chemical material barrels have flowed into the Songhua River, and 400 have been salvaged. According to the current monitoring results, the water quality has not changed significantly

the Ministry of environmental protection has been involved in the

incident, and Jilin Province has established eight lines of defense for the first time in order to intercept and salvage floating barrels more effectively and thoroughly. The environmental protection department has also arranged 7 monitoring sections along the river, including the upstream control section, to comprehensively monitor the water quality of Songhua River. On July 29, wangchengde, spokesman of the Ministry of environmental protection, said that the Ministry of environmental protection would strengthen the monitoring of water quality and timely release the water quality results to the public. According to the investigation, the raw and auxiliary material barrels entering Songhua River contain trimethyl monochlorosilane, hexamethyldisilazane and other substances. Each barrel weighs about 170 kg and has good sealing performance, including about 2500 barrels of trimethyl monochlorosilane. According to experts' analysis, trimethylmonochlorosilane is decomposed into hydrochloric acid and trimethylhydroxysilane when encountering water, and hexamethyldisilazane is decomposed into ammonia and hexamethyldisiloxane when encountering water; Trimethyl hydroxysilane and hexamethyldisiloxane are non-toxic chemicals

event 2: a deflagration accident occurred in a plastic factory in Nanjing

event review: at 6:00 p.m. on July 28, the deflagration fire of the original Nanjing No. 4 plastic factory pipeline located in Maigaoqiao, Qixia District, Nanjing has been controlled. By the afternoon of July 28, the accident had caused 10 deaths, and 120 people were hospitalized, of which 14 were critically injured

the murderer was actually propylene

according to the preliminary field investigation, the cause of deflagration was that during the site leveling process in the shutdown plant area, the excavation machinery broke the propylene pipeline, resulting in flammable gas leakage and deflagration. Propylene: colorless, odorless and slightly sweet gas at normal temperature. Flammable, explosion limit is 2% - 11%. Propylene is the basic raw material of the three major synthetic materials, which is mainly used to produce acrylonitrile, isopropene, acetone and propylene oxide. Hazard characteristics: it is flammable and can form explosive mixture when mixed with air. Danger of combustion and explosion in case of heat source and open fire. Harmful combustion products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide

event 3: leakage accident caused by explosion of Dalian oil pipeline

event review: time: around 18:50 on July 16; Location: the sea area near Dalian Bay, Dalian city; Event: foreign oil tanker caused explosion and fire due to improper operation. A 300000 ton oil tanker in Dalian Xingang caused a fire and oil leakage caused by the explosion of a land oil pipeline. At present, the fire has been basically extinguished, resulting in 50 square kilometers of sea pollution. As a result, a firefighter has bravely dedicated himself to the use of high and low temperature clamps

It is understood that after the accident, General Secretary Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao immediately made important instructions. Zhang Dejiang, vice premier of the State Council, and Luo Lin, director of the State Administration of work safety, rushed to the scene of the accident overnight to direct the fire fighting and rescue work. Dalian Newport is located at the Northeast foot of Dagu Mountain at the southern end of Liaodong Peninsula and the southwest side of Dayaowan on the Yellow coast. It is a modern deepwater oil port with an annual oil transportation capacity of 15million tons

look at the essence through the phenomenon: three major factors cause safety accidents

natural factors: there is no doubt that the pin plate collet (10) and the pin plate friction pair (11) and (12), whether 7000 chemical material barrels flow into the Songhua River, a deflagration accident in a plastic factory in Nanjing, or some chemical factories cause leakage accidents, all reflect the word safety. The safety factors of the chemical plant include natural factors, human factors and social factors. The so-called natural factors are unavoidable and unpredictable. It is important to take safety measures

human factors: however, as the expansion of the city is becoming more and more obvious, chemical plants should pay more attention to human factors. For example, the stacking of chemical raw materials should be reasonably arranged; When the chemical plant company is building a chemical plant, it should not be built in a place with a dense crowd, but should be far away from the environment where the residents live. The relocation problem pays more attention to the site selection

social factors: safety awareness should be strengthened. With the prevalence of "geological disasters" in recent years, natural chemical plants have also been affected by social factors to a great extent. The main thing is to plan for the future

on the whole, the world's scientific and technological level has been rapidly improved, but the ability to resist sudden changes in the natural environment, especially various natural disasters, is very limited. Although natural factors are inevitable, human factors and social factors can be completely avoided, and local government regulation plays a great role in decision-making. In a word, the safety of chemical plants is particularly important to see the essence through the events

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