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Drinking water safety should not only be contained in plastic bottles

in fact, bottled water is evil. In many countries, public environmental campaigns against bottled water have already been launched. First of all, bottled water has caused the abandonment of a large number of disposable plastic bottles and the excessive use of resources. Most of the plastic comes from oil and coal; Secondly, the long-distance transportation of bottled water affects substances such as water

several commercial battle teams sing 7 When the oil delivery valve broke down and started another round of water war, the public was surprised to find that, no matter how fair these enterprises disguised themselves, they were actually disclosing, opening and advertising the truth of the bottled water industry to the public. I now believe that the public will benefit better from this shameless war

in any business war, participants regard the public as stupid bystanders and passive information receivers. This is true both at home and abroad, both ancient and modern. In any war, most participants and onlookers are coerced into it. Although people are constantly trying to find out why they want to support or oppose a certain party, in the end, they are actually kidnapped by the source power of political, military and commercial interests

there have been many water wars in China in the past few decades. Although we are reluctant to admit it, if we take some effort to collect it, we will find that, in fact, there is a high elongation rate between upstream and downstream, between pollution victims and pollution perpetrators, between the polluting government and the polluted public, and between the polluting society and the polluted environment, There have already been countless water wars, both overt and covert. These wars took place in different regions and lasted for different lengths of time. The final outcome is that human beings and the natural environment on which they depend are the ultimate victims. So far, no one in China has benefited from water wars; In the future, water wars will break out more and more frequently in China

why is this so? I pretend to trace the origins of the water wars one by one. I hope, for example, the distillation bottle on the distilled water production equipment can stimulate us, the victims and onlookers, to be alert

water wars will break out frequently because of water pollution and water depletion, the tension between human and water, and the long-term lack of respect for human nature. Water pollution and water depletion have approached the bottom line of China's stable global GDP growth. Whether the rich or the poor, whether they live in the mountains or near the wetlands, whether they sell or drink water for a living, whether they make a fortune by polluting water bodies or are poisoned by sewage, people have all found an interesting and cruel fact: China's rivers are committing collective suicide. They are drying up and stinking to avoid human persecution, To get a little breathing space

even all the groundwater or springs in China maintain their dignity in an untouchable way. When they go underground, they do not forget to smear a bit of dirt on themselves, so as to avoid the fate of being shamelessly exploited and poisoned by pollution by the Chinese people

at present, the reason why there is a war between bottled water is, of course, that Chinese people place all their hopes for safe drinking water on plastic barrels and bottles. When rivers disappear from people's bodies, when the water supply companies in various cities resolutely do not release the real water quality information of drinking water, and when the bottled water companies take counterfeiting and deception as the development power of the industry, the higher the consumers' expectations of the industry, the more it shows that consumers are full of panic and fear, which in turn stimulates all kinds of bottled water companies to start frequent wars, To get the highest return on investment

bottled water is actually evil. In many countries, public environmental campaigns against bottled water have already been launched. There are generally three reasons why environmental protection organizations or environmentalists oppose this industry. One is that a large number of disposable plastic bottles are discarded and resources are overutilized, and most of the plastic comes from oil and coal; Second, bottled water is transported from place to place for long-distance transportation, which affects substances such as water, so we should try our best to consume it locally; Third, the bottled water industry is getting closer and closer to the end of water sources, such as glaciers, springs, and thousands of meters underground, which directly leads to a lot of water. Before it has entered the natural ecosystem and completed its basic mission of nourishing the earth, it has been plundered by commercial magic hands and forced into bottles; They were crazily swallowed by greedy and life sparing people

all expressions in nature have a cycle of life and death. Water falls from the world, emerges from the ground, and flows into the river from the spring. It is like a vast and unrestrained walk with a water circle, arousing waves, moistening the wetland, looking up at the stars on the wide river, and playing with the fish and shrimp inside. However, the holding capacity of plastic bottles directly destroyed the childhood dream of these water. They were regarded as mature commodities before they were born, and they were stillborn in the bottle before they struggled

China's water bottle war also stimulated people's thinking about the independence of business associations. When the war broke out in the dairy industry in those years, the two warring parties, the dairy association that controls the prefix of this country and the dairy association that controls the prefix of another country, all expressed their independence, authenticity and authority. However, in essence, they were full of sinister, cunning and deviation, which showed how shameless and unscrupulous commercial companies were. Later, the phenomenon of the commercial Red Cross Society and the phenomenon of political non-governmental associations once again reminded people that in China, all the harmonious, beautiful, neutral and objective clothes can be put on the commercial army, and all non-governmental associations may be kidnapped and controlled by a commercial company

similar cases have also occurred in the environmental protection sector. In 2004, when environmental protection organizations initiated natural forest protection advocacy for app of Indonesia golden light group, the company tried to kidnap charitable organizations, public welfare organizations, environmental protection organizations directly under the government, paper making associations directly under the government, environmental protection associations of college students, consumer associations, public relations associations and chambers of commerce. These platforms for cross-border exchanges should have kindly shown the public a strong ability to drive the development of the industry in a fair, objective and independent way. However, in business wars and water related wars, Chinese people have seen such third-party organizations, especially associations affiliated with the government and enterprises, Have collectively presented an extremely shameless gesture of being kidnapped voluntarily by commercial interests. This directly means that this type of tissue also needs to withstand more tests of blood and fire. Like the Red Cross, as long as one day their roots are not clean and their behavior is not fresh, they will be spurned and questioned by the public

what makes us more worried about this war is that people have not turned to environmental protection to alleviate water anxiety. From the perspective of human utilitarianism, water is a public environmental product. When the water around us is not drinkable, it means that the water in the world is already drinkable. Conversely, when water sources need to be protected, it means that the water of the world needs to be protected. To protect water resources is simply to protect natural rivers, natural wetlands, natural forests, natural mountains and natural grasslands as much as possible, so that these natural ecosystems will no longer be polluted, cut open and burned, filled and hardened, built on various dams, and filled with garbage

if this water war can stimulate people to more actively participate in the public environmental protection movement, no longer be bewitched by commercial disputes, no longer just look forward to the government, believe that the public is the only force for environmental protection, water resources protection or drinking water protection, believe in themselves and partners, then China's repeated water wars may slowly bring water peace and beauty

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