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At the end of 2006, the "seminar on the quality and safety of food soft plastic packaging" closed in Guangzhou. The participants had an in-depth discussion on the current domestic technology and industry status of food soft plastic packaging. At the same time, they also said that in addition to film materials and inks, 1 The safety of adhesive used in tensile test has become one of the important factors affecting the safety of food packaging

The plastic packaging industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China's plastic processing industry. The safety of food soft plastic packaging will be the first compulsory national standard for plastic shopping bags, which has increasingly become a severe issue that puzzles the development of the industry. It is understood that at present, solvent based polyurethane adhesive is the most commonly used in the compounding of flexible plastic packaging materials. The solvent is high-purity ethyl acetate, but some manufacturers use impure ethyl acetate. 2 The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, low height, light weight and high impurity content. What's more, some toluene is added to reduce the cost. Some enterprises use the one component pressure sensitive adhesive with toluene and xylene as the solvent, which is officially prohibited by the state, which brings great harm to the safety of food packaging


normal> the research results and practices of international adhesive manufacturers, first, the use of acrylic water-based adhesives, which can not only completely solve the problem of harmful solvent residues, but also eliminate the pollution of primary aromatic amines to food. Because it is safe and reliable, easy to use and can be quickly cut without curing, acrylic water-based adhesives have been widely used in China, Europe and the United States. Second, fully mature or use safe solvent-free adhesives. Generally, solvent-free adhesives need to be fully matured so that the primary aromatic adhesive can be fully attenuated. Foreign countries have developed safer solvent-free adhesives. With ultra-low monomer structure, the decay rate of primary aromatic amines is greatly accelerated. There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export, so as to shorten the ripening time and effectively reduce the risk of food pollution. Third, aliphatic curing agent shall be used for packages requiring high-temperature cooking. At present, domestic high-temperature cooking packaging is growing at a rate of more than 15%, far more than other types of flexible packaging. In accordance with national mandatory standards; Only aliphatic isocyanate cheese can be used in the production of food packaging for high-temperature cooking


therefore, industry experts appeal that in order to ensure the safety of food packaging, flexible plastic packaging enterprises must produce in strict accordance with the national standards and use solvents that meet the regulations. At the same time, law enforcement departments should strengthen inspection to ensure the health of consumers

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