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The storage of packing boxes reflects the new concept that the annual production capacity of the family will be increased to 3million and 1.5 million sets of electric power industry competition

many consumers who buy household appliances have encountered such worries: household appliances have to be returned and replaced for various reasons, but they find that the packing boxes have already been thrown away or sold because of their huge size. Therefore, they have to pay an extra one or two hundred yuan of packaging fees when returning and replacing them. It is reported that at present, household appliance enterprises generally require customers to keep the packaging box for three months after purchasing household appliances. However, in addition to the outer box, there are also foam, plastic film and other more courageous related accessories. The packaging of large household appliances at home seriously affects the living environment. Therefore, most consumers sell them at once, so that they cannot return or exchange them smoothly

from March 10, five-star electric will comprehensively promote the packaging and custody service project in first tier cities across the country, that is, to provide customers with free custody of household appliance packaging boxes. As long as consumers indicate this demand when inputting delivery information, five-star electric will take back the packaging boxes after delivering the goods to huangqunhui, director of the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of social sciences. If the goods need to be returned and replaced within three months, we will bring the packaging to the door to return and replace them for customers. To this end, five star has set up 8 special warehouses in Nanjing alone

small services reflect big ideas. Some studies believe that in the next decade, there will be a trend of narrowing product differences and widening service differences in China's home appliance industry and market. The narrowing of product differences means that the price war, the main means of competition in the home appliance chain industry in previous years, has become history. The narrowing of product differences means that the home appliance chain industry must make an issue of service differentiation. People concerned pointed out that providing customer-centric services will become the main magic weapon for the future competition in the home appliance industry

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