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Gao Kai: the role of teachers in the era of artificial intelligence

what kind of sparks will be generated when artificial intelligence is encountered in the classroom? Artificial intelligence is valued by schools. How to set up courses for teaching? How do teachers define their roles? At this forum, Gao Kai, a teacher from Beijing No. 2 middle school, thought that these problems are perplexing artificial intelligence and education. You often see problems when you walk to some places of interest

according to Mr. Gao Kai, other long-chain nylon products in the school have not realized the scope production. It is a good thing to set up artificial intelligence related courses. At present, the artificial intelligence teaching resources in schools are not rich, the curriculum resources are scarce, and the teacher resources are not systematic. However, artificial intelligence, as the accelerator of this era and one of the driving forces of social development, The establishment of artificial intelligence related disciplines is conducive to cultivating relevant technical talents and enhancing national competitiveness

in july2017, the policy of the new generation artificial intelligence development plan was issued, which aims to occupy the world's artificial intelligence highland by 2030 and requires that programming and artificial intelligence related education be carried out in primary and secondary schools. This puts forward tasks and requirements for educators, and successive provinces and cities across the country have issued policy documents related to artificial intelligence. Mr. Gao Kai said that the school attached great importance to the policy issued this time. At the working meeting after the summer vacation, the leaders made their views and instructions on the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan

the emergence of artificial intelligence is not a new word, nor is the opening and development of artificial intelligence education a new model. "In 2014, the British government put forward nine policies for education and schools, including writing simple programs at the age of 5 and learning computer programming language at the age of 14. In 2016, the United States mandated that high school graduates must take computer programming credits. The one hour programming activity launched by the United States enabled primary and middle school students to understand programming. There are a variety of robot camp activities. In 2020, programming will be fully opened as a compulsory course in all primary schools in Japan, 2021 At the beginning of the year, senior high school began the compulsory course of programming. " Gao Kai said

we can see that although artificial intelligence is now a part of people's lives, it is still a strange thing to hear about it in education and other fields, because in the field of education, the actual progress of the classroom is much slower than that of science and technology. This is also the current situation of artificial Intelligence Education in schools. Mr. Gao Kai calls it the "Ai education 1.0 era", which is characterized by teachers' lack of classes and lack of AI education resources

outside the school, AI education seems to have entered the AI Education 2.0 era, with improvement and progress. This is because major institutions and scientific research institutes have developed AI related courses, but the course content is somewhat divorced from the front-line teaching needs. Mr. Gao Kai believes that at present, the school should develop or select courses suitable for front-line teaching according to its own teaching characteristics to meet the students' needs for artificial intelligence learning, which should be based on the classroom. For AI curriculum planning path: Gao Kai believes that it can be divided into four stages: first understanding AI, feeling AI, programming AI and creative AI

when it comes to the role orientation of teachers in AI education, Mr. Gao Kai believes that we should be in line with the reality of the current artificial intelligence education on campus. We should set up teacher configuration in three directions to give role orientation, such as career planning oriented directing teachers, problem-solving oriented teachers, but the possibility of a further sharp decline in the non-ferrous metal industry, more accurate supporting teachers and happy sharing teachers who learn from each other

Mr. Gao Kai finally talked about the development trend of artificial intelligence + education:

1. Intelligence: using intelligent terminals and fragmented time for knowledge learning

2. Automation: Using AI to process events that determine results

3. Personalization: pushing different resources according to learners' individual needs

4. Diversification: cultivating students' creative thinking and comprehensive problem-solving ability

5. Collaboration: human-computer collaboration, the role of teachers is essential

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