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Oil refining and petrochemical plant safety integrity seminar was grandly launched in Greater China

Shanghai, June 13, 2014 -- recently, TUV Rheinland, Germany, integrated the professional technical services of various departments and launched the "oil refining and petrochemical plant safety integrity solution seminar" for the majority of customers of oil refining and petrochemical plant production units. The diversified themes and professional experience sharing have enabled the oil refining and petrochemical industry from afar to talk and exchange freely, and won wide praise

the industrial service professional team of TUV Greater China in Rhine, Germany held one-stop oil refinery and petrochemical plant safety seminars in Taipei, Shanghai and Kaohsiung on January 24, March 4 and March 7, 2014 respectively. A number of senior German managers have passed on the safety management technology and accumulated rich experience of TUV Rheinland in Germany over the past 100 years. In his speech, Mr. Thomas Fuhrmann, director of industrial services in Greater China, specially emphasized that "safety" is the core goal of oil refining and petrochemical plants, and the risk control and safety management of operating labor, process technology, production equipment, operating environment, raw materials and products are all issues of concern at home and abroad. In view of the continuous expansion and development of the safety management needs of oil refineries and petrochemical plants, TUV Germany is duty bound to provide diversified safety integrity solutions and successful experience

due to the enthusiastic application, the conference venue has been expanded and the number of sessions has been increased to meet the guests from oil refineries and petrochemical plants from all over the country. More than 160 advanced leaders and leaders attended the conference, including Sinopec Group, Bayer Group, Langsheng chemical company, Evonik company, Deyuan high tech company, Wanhua chemical company, Xinyang Technology Group, COMTEX chemical engineering company Therefore, it is necessary for PetroChina Corporation of Taiwan to carry out large oil refining and petrochemical enterprises such as filtration treatment division, Taiwan Plastics Group, Changchun chemical group, lichangrong chemical group, etc. before plastic melt extrusion. Many other guests came from major petrochemical equipment suppliers and engineering companies, such as abb, Emerson, IBM, Shanghai Eger safety equipment company, Huawei Technology Company, etc. In addition, a number of work safety supervision units, special equipment inspection institutions, equipment safety research and testing institutions came to the site for guidance and joint participation

this seminar focuses on the high hazard process plants in the middle and lower reaches of the oil refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, and focuses on the correctness and effectiveness of the implementation practices of the management system of process safety management (PSM) and equipment integrity (MI). At the same time, it introduces the development of API in-service inspection teacher quality certification and equipment inspection technology, as well as the control and management methods of equipment corrosion and damage mechanism. In addition, TUV Rheinland experts also explained the division of hazardous areas, selection of explosion-proof equipment and maintenance technology. At the same time, analyze the life cycle management system of safety instrumented system (SIS) and the specific assessment and control practices of safety integrity level (SIL), further share the planning of occupational safety and health management system (such as CNS 15506 TOSHMS), review and improve the management cycle mechanism, so as to control and reduce the hazard risk of oil refinery and petrochemical plant

on the other hand, based on the successful experience of TUV Rhine in the process safety management of 15 petrochemical plants in Greater China, we shared that petro scientific innovation is committed to implementing the effectiveness of safety management through innovation and multi-party cooperation in the risk control of operating labor, process technology, production equipment and operating environment. In addition, since compliance with the European reach safety regulations is still a big challenge for most chemical plants, TUV Rheinland experts also discussed the registration, evaluation, licensing and restriction of chemicals through the reach EU chemical control policy on raw materials, so as to help the operators meet the control requirements of the EU market on the safety of raw materials

in response to many customers' questions and high interest, after the seminar, guests were also arranged to visit the international testing equipment and professional operation mode of TUV Rheinland Shanghai Metal Analysis Laboratory, and explain the technology of metal material testing and equipment damage diagnosis and failure. In addition, a special room was set up for in-depth discussion and exchange on the projects consulted by customers, so as to quickly and continuously discuss the topics of the whole day and the actual needs of customers, A specific customized safety integrity solution for oil refining and petrochemical plants is constructed

this seminar has opened a new page for customers in the petrochemical industry. TUV's safety integrity solutions in Germany will continue to expand to meet the safety needs of the industry at different life cycle stages, support factories to jointly control hazard risks, improve process safety management, ensure the safety of labor and factory property, and accompany the industry to move towards the goal of sustainable operation

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