Personal housing decoration loan processing proces

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Li Jing

the following is the handling process of the borrower's personal housing decoration loan business through the bank: ① when the borrower applies for housing decoration loan, he must apply at the business outlet where the business is opened, fill in the application form, submit relevant materials, and handle relevant security procedures; ② After the customer manager investigates, reviews and agrees, the loan contract shall be signed after being submitted to the competent approval department for approval; ③ The customer manager handles the loan procedures and transfers the funds to the borrower's personal settlement account in our bank, so that the customer can use the loan funds; ④ The borrower repays at the business counter, or leaves sufficient repayment amount on the deposit account or bank card, and entrusts the lending bank to withhold repayment; ⑤ After the loan is settled, the bank and the customer shall cancel the relationship of creditor's rights and debts and go through relevant procedures





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