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With the gradual deepening of the involvement of the Internet in the furniture industry, the whole home furnishing and furniture industry has attracted strong attention in the society. More and more people have entered the home furnishing industry, and even cross industry entry into the home furnishing industry is no longer new. So what is the current situation of China's home furnishing industry or furniture manufacturing industry? Let's talk about the characteristics of the furniture manufacturing industry

characteristics of furniture manufacturing industry:

furniture manufacturing industry has a complete industrial chain and a mature sales model, as “ Midstream ” Industry, the upstream is mainly wood, metal, plastic and other manufacturing industries, and the downstream is commerce or consumers, which also determines some industry characteristics of the furniture industry:

1 Relevance with the real estate industry. The furniture manufacturing industry has a certain correlation with the real estate industry, and the regulation of the real estate market will have an impact on the furniture manufacturing industry. There are two reasons: first, from the perspective of furniture consumption, the transformation of real estate sales to furniture consumption is relatively high. According to the data, the consumption of furniture due to decoration or relocation exceeded 65%, and the damage and outdated style accounted for 12.37% and 18.56% respectively, and the demand for material replacement was only 4.1%. Second, young people, as the main force of house purchase demand, account for a relatively high proportion of furniture consumption. From the perspective of the age characteristics of household consumption, the age structure of household consumption groups tends to be younger. According to the survey data of SouFun home furnishing Research Center, consumers aged 25-30 account for 40% of the total survey, consumers aged 30-35 account for 26%, and consumers aged 35-40 account for 13%. The rest account for relatively small proportions

2. The cost of raw materials accounts for a large share of business costs. Furniture industry is a material intensive industry, and direct materials have a great impact on the cost of main business. The main raw materials required for the production of furniture are fiberboard, Hexiang board, aluminum profile, shutter board, hardware accessories, etc. For example, according to the disclosure in its prospectus, direct materials accounted for 82.07%, 78.70%, 80.29% and 80.69% of the main business costs from 2011 to 2013 and from January to September 2014, respectively. Therefore, direct materials have a great impact on the main business costs. Taking Xilinmen as an example, the cost of raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials is the main factor affecting the cost of main business. From 2009 to 2011, the cost of raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials accounted for 86.33%, 82.93% and 80.26% of the cost of main business. Therefore, the price change of direct materials will have a great impact on the profitability of the industry

3. The seasonal characteristics of production and operation are relatively obvious. Affected by factors such as the purchase of commercial housing and the demand for improved decoration, the production and operation of the furniture industry will have a certain seasonality, especially the sales revenue and cash flow of large pieces of furniture show certain seasonal fluctuations, and the peak sales season of industrial products is generally in the second half of the year. For example, from 2012 to 2014, the proportion of main business income in the second half of the year to the total annual main business income was 61.78%, 68.40% and 60.34% respectively. Mattresses and other small pieces of furniture, holidays are their peak sales season

that's all for today's introduction of the characteristics of the furniture manufacturing industry. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to the information platform. Thank you for your appreciation





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