Indigenous families disproportionately affected by

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Indigenous families disproportionately affected by 'birth alerts'; Bnot population..CThere were 7,262 new cases Saturday. lawsuit seeks damages - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

A new class-action lawsuit has been filed in B.Cand restaurants opened i.Indoor public gatherings, with another soon expected in Ontario, seeking justice for a disturbing practice that has split up hundreds of parents and newborn infants, with Indigenous and racialized families disproportionately affected.

Called “birth alerts,” it’s a practice in which social workers or hospital staff flag an expecting parent — often without their knowledge — as being unfit to care for the child they are carrying.

The result is newborn babies being taken from their mothers’ arms, sometimes shortly after birth.

“Birth alerts are part of a system, [a] system that assumes that certain kinds of mothers can’t look after their children, and then that assumption gives rise to all the illegal behaviour — privacy being violated, stereotypes being imposed, and then at the end of it you have these tragic stories,” Reidar M. Mogerman, with CFM Lawyers, told CTV News.

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