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Jilin Petrochemical Company increased the control of 63 kinds of hazardous chemicals

the e-commerce Department of Jilin Petrochemical Company is responsible for the reception, storage and distribution of hazardous chemicals in the whole chemical industry zone. At the end of the year, the Ministry took corresponding measures to further strengthen the use life management, storage special inspection and control of 63 kinds of hazardous chemicals and instruments, so as to ensure the safe, stable, long-term and optimal operation of all production plants. They comprehensively strengthened the safety supervision of the use, transportation, storage and waste disposal of dangerous chemicals, and rectified habitual violations; Strictly implement various safety management systems. Zhejiang province uses advanced steel materials in the fields of transportation, marine engineering, energy and petrochemical, and key basic parts to carry out major safety inspections of hazardous chemicals and comprehensively promote the investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards

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