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Jilin has accurately promoted the green transformation of traditional industries

recently learned that in the next three years, Jilin Province will focus on traditional industries such as food, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, technological transformation, product innovation and energy, comprehensively implement green upgrading and transformation, encourage enterprises to implement green standards, promote the application of green technology, develop green processes, and then promote the transformation of the province's traditional industrial system to a new green industrial system. Its goal is: by 2020, the level of green manufacturing in the province will continue to improve, the integration ability of green manufacturing system will be significantly improved, and the green manufacturing system will be initially established; The energy consumption per 10000 yuan of industrial added value decreased by 18%, the carbon dioxide emission per unit of industrial added value decreased by 22%, the water consumption per unit of industrial added value decreased by 23%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste reached 73%

focus on the transformation and upgrading of five traditional industries

it has been learned from many sources that Jilin Province will focus on five industries with large space to accurately promote the green transformation of traditional industries this time: for the food industry, Jilin Province will adhere to the industrialization of green food to promote the modernization of agricultural economy. The focus is to lead corn deep-processing enterprises to achieve industrial integration and green transformation, actively build a modern food industry supply chain system and product quality traceability system "from farmland to table", and promote the circular development model of the integration of planting, breeding and processing. At the same time, it will promote the improvement of saline alkali land in the west of the province, make full use of the advantages of local crops rich in alkaline elements, promote the planting of rice and quinoa, and support them to develop the intensive processing of high-end weak alkaline food

the petrochemical industry highlights resource recycling and chain accounting for 56.9%; The equipment control with a journey of 901100mm will transform and improve the cleaner production level of the whole industry. It mainly includes promoting the experience of Jihua company in using DCS system to improve the digital control of material and energy consumption in the production process, so as to save energy and reduce pollution; In depth layout of Chemical Industry Circular Economy Park, promote the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical devices and return to the park; Promote the recycling of waste chemical resources, create a green chemical recycling industry of sulfur, phosphorus and titanium, promote the elimination of backward devices, adjust the product structure, and promote the overall green transformation and upgrading of the petrochemical industry system

the focus of the metallurgical industry is to actively develop high-strength steel for automobile, die steel for high-end equipment manufacturing and high-speed gear steel for high-speed railway with material saving and high efficiency; Accelerate the promotion and application of green products such as prefabricated steel structures and steel pipe racks with advantages in the province, encourage the development of high-performance aluminum magnesium alloys and 7000 series of large section aluminum, and spare no effort to promote the development of nickel, magnesium, molybdenum, gold and other non-ferrous metal industries; Accelerate the breakthrough of bottleneck technologies such as high-strength steel temperature, hot forming, rare earth magnesium alloy and nickel based composite materials, accelerate the process of green transformation of metallurgical industry, increase the promotion and application of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and process equipment, and vigorously develop circular economy

the building materials industry is mainly to develop and expand emerging green building materials, including accelerating the application of diatomite and basalt fibers in the construction field, and accelerating the development of biomass building materials, wood structural building components and other fabricated building components; Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources and support the recycling and reuse of urban construction waste, industrial waste and other resources; Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the traditional building materials industry, actively develop chemical building materials, support the restructuring and reduction of cement enterprises, and promote the upgrading of glass and wall materials industries

in the energy industry, we will focus on promoting the structural reform of the energy supply side and building a new clean and low-carbon system. That is, fully implement the ultra-low emission of coal-fired units, accelerate the implementation of green energy-saving transformation of dust removal, desulfurization and denitration of utility boilers, and strive to promote the application of clean and efficient coal-fired power technology with weak equipment research and development capacity; Actively promote the construction of back pressure units to alleviate the pressure of electric peak shaving in winter; Accelerate the development of biomass energy and other new and renewable energy, and promote the comprehensive utilization of corn straw; We should encourage the development of new models and business forms based on energy interconnection, such as distributed energy, smart energy use, and energy big data service applications

especially in the clean utilization of coal, which is widely used and the most polluted in the province, Jilin Province will speed up the development of clean coal development and utilization technology in accordance with the principles of safety, green, intensity and efficiency, and strive to continuously improve the utilization level of clean and efficient coal development. The focus is to accelerate the construction of a clean coal green supply chain system, actively introduce foreign coal resources, build a large modern coal service-oriented manufacturing park, realize the fine processing and distribution of coal as soon as possible, and promote the transformation from a small province of coal production to a large province of coal clean utilization; Orderly develop the intensive processing of coal, and steadily promote the pilot demonstration of major transformation and upgrading projects such as coal to olefins

specially issued a series of policies and measures

in order to ensure the realization of the above goals and tasks, Jilin Province also specially issued a series of supporting policies and strong measures, mainly including: promoting relevant departments and enterprises to jointly promote the comprehensive conservation and recycling of resources, and strive to realize the circular link between production system and living system; Actively build and develop a green financial service system, improve the level of financial services in the green transformation and development of the real economy, and encourage them to focus on strengthening energy conservation and environmental protection industries, cleaner production industries and clean energy industries; Strengthen the construction of green development comprehensive service platform, build a green technology innovation system, establish a green manufacturing evaluation system, and form a long-term mechanism for green development of manufacturing industry; Comprehensively implement fiscal and tax support policies in the fields of comprehensive utilization of resources, energy and water conservation and environmental protection equipment, and include green and energy-saving products in government procurement; Carry out green manufacturing diagnosis services, speed up the cultivation of "green craftsmen", promote the green development of manufacturing, pilot demonstration of the integration of industry and education, and encourage the cultivation of green manufacturing system solution service providers

strengthen the green management of economic operation, improve the operation efficiency of energy, capital, materials, human resources and other resources in various industries, and promote the lean improvement of the whole staff, the whole process and all directions; We will actively promote the construction of green design platforms, breakthroughs in green key processes and the construction of green supply chain systems, focus on selecting leading enterprises in automotive, petrochemical, equipment, food and other industries, and combine upstream and downstream enterprises, green manufacturing third-party service companies and scientific research institutions to form a consortium to jointly promote the integration of green manufacturing systems. At the same time, comprehensively strengthen supervision and management according to law, build a green manufacturing management system, and strive to comprehensively enhance the green competitiveness of various industries

carry out comprehensive utilization of industrial "three wastes". The focus is to guide and support enterprises to strengthen the construction of environmental protection facilities, encourage enterprises to carry out waste resource management and comprehensive utilization, and reduce the pollution of industrial wastewater, waste gas and solid waste to the atmosphere, water sources and soil; Comprehensively implement the river head system, strengthen the promotion and application of new water-saving processes, new equipment and new technologies in industrial enterprises, focus on the implementation of clean transformation in iron and steel, chemical industry, food processing and other industries, and strive to reduce pollution to rivers; Scientifically and systematically plan the industrial layout of the river basin, prohibit the construction of high pollution projects, and relocate and transform the existing hazardous chemical production enterprises in the basin within a limited time

strive to improve the basic capacity of green industry. It is mainly to develop green core basic components, support and guide enterprises and R & D institutions to jointly carry out nuclear adjustment, improve the level of experimental machines, and tackle key technical problems, especially accelerate the development of intelligent car environment sensing system and intelligent manufacturing of high-end basic components; Develop green key basic materials, encourage the promotion of bio based polylactic acid and bio ethylene glycol and other technologies, accelerate the industrialization process, and improve the green performance of industrial products; Actively promote advanced basic processes, especially increase the research, development, promotion and application of laser cladding wear-resistant and anti-corrosion process for seamless steel pipes, synthetic process of soluble aluminum alloy materials, and process of comprehensive utilization of biomass resources, so as to promote the green transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry; Consolidate the technological foundation of green industry, and focus on promoting the R & D and achievement transformation of key green pharmaceutical technologies such as continuous reaction and biological enzyme technology

deepen the opening-up and cooperation of green industries, actively integrate into the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, give play to regional advantages, industrial foundation and cooperation potential, and promote green transformation through opening-up and cooperation; Accelerate the opening-up and development of green advantageous industries, actively connect with the Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Yangtze River economic belts, and constantly expand exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road" in terms of production capacity, technology, capital, talent, market, etc; Continue to deepen and improve the long-term mechanism of counterpart cooperation, seize the opportunity of counterpart cooperation between Jilin Province and Zhejiang Province, Changchun City and Tianjin city, and vigorously carry out all-round docking and cooperation in green industry; We will further promote the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation with the world Biomass Energy Council, and strive to strengthen all-round cooperation with it in the fields of biomass comprehensive utilization full industry chain demonstration projects, intelligent equipment and even characteristic towns

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