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Qingdao Jimo printing industry chain is rising

at present, there are more than 400 packaging and printing enterprises in Qingdao Jimo, accounting for more than 30% of the total number of printing enterprises in Qingdao. The sales revenue of nearly 1.2 billion yuan ranks first in all districts and cities of Qingdao. The printing industry has developed into one of the six pillar industries of Jimo economy

after years of development, Jimo printing industry chain has gradually formed its own four characteristics. First, it mainly focuses on packaging, decoration and printing, with more than 330 such enterprises; Second, pay equal attention to team development and regional clusters. In 2005, Duanbolan printing enterprise won the clothing printing right of "Fuwa", the mascot of the Olympic Games, which fully shows the excellent performance of Jimo printing enterprises; Third, the hierarchical development is clear, large-scale enterprises gradually develop to the high-end, and many small and medium-sized enterprises gradually form a complementary alliance with large enterprises; Fourth, a good supporting service and cooperation mode has been formed in printing, plate making, transportation, paper and other aspects, and a good foundation for the development of packaging and printing industry has been initially established

the development of Jimo printing industry chain is inseparable from Duanbolan Town, Jimo City, which is known as the "hometown of packaging and printing". At present, the town has more than 70 packaging and printing enterprises, accounting for 56.5% of the total number of enterprises. The packaging and printing industry in Duanbolan town began in the 1970s. After decades of development, the product types of packaging and printing enterprises in the town have become increasingly diversified, from the initial simple trademark printing to more than 200 varieties in three major categories: paper product packaging and decoration, plastic packaging and printing, and computer trademark printing. The products sell well in major cities across the country and are exported to more than 10 countries, such as Japan, the United States, Australia, etc

starting from optimizing the environment, the town actively guides and cultivates the healthy development of printing and packaging industry. It has successively issued a series of preferential policies to encourage the development of printing and packaging enterprises, organized the factory directors of printing and packaging enterprises, built bulk commodity storage, distribution and trading bases and served the characteristics of Southeast Asia and inland hinterland, visited and studied psychologically in logistics distribution, hired experts to train enterprise technicians, and invited relevant departments to train the factory directors and managers of enterprises in business, laws and regulations, Help enterprises coordinate loans, encourage enterprises to introduce advanced production technology and equipment, and do a good job in the development of new products. The town also encourages printing and packaging enterprises to marry well-known enterprises at home and abroad, develop and expand their own strength, expand the scale of enterprises, and improve the grade and quality of products. In order to better serve enterprises, guide printing and packaging enterprises to strengthen management and implement the famous brand strategy, the town has set aside 500 mu of land and established the "printing and packaging Industrial Park in Duanbolan Town, Qingdao", which provides a superior development environment for printing and packaging enterprises in the park

a large industry is derived from an enterprise. Technical workers, managers and marketing personnel from Duanbolan town printing enterprises have created various printing experimental operation impact test objects in various parts of Jimo, from molding maintenance to broken brush factories, from the initial printing poker gradually to computer trademark printing, plastic products printing and paper products printing and other characteristic printing, gradually laying the cornerstone of Jimo modern packaging printing industry

in addition to the large-scale printing industry base in Duanbolan Town, industrial parks have been built in Tongji, Huanxiu, Longshan and Bei'an of Jimo City. In order to better guide the development of the packaging and printing industry, the Jimo municipal government has invested heavily in the construction of good infrastructure for printing enterprises to settle in the industrial park in terms of roads, water, electricity, workshops, etc., and has given preferential policies such as taxes and house rental fees, so that printing enterprises "want to enter, can enter, and develop at ease"

the good development environment has promoted the rapid development of some emerging industrial parks in Tongji, Huanxiu, Bei'an and Longshan districts. Jimo blue village, which has "the first leather shoes town in Jiangbei", has a developed shoemaking industry, which directly stimulates the development of shoebox production, auxiliary material packaging and other packaging and printing industries closely matched with shoemaking. At present, there are 30 or 40 packaging and printing enterprises gathered; Xiaoli village, which mainly focuses on packaging and decoration and trademark printing, directly undertakes the trademark printing business of Japanese and Korean enterprises in Yantai, Weihai and other places, and gathers 40 printing enterprises with no less than disk friction and wear testing machines; The huge demand of garment processing enterprises in the garment industrial park for trademark printing and plastic packaging has stimulated dozens of printing enterprises to come for gold

source: China Packaging News

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