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Jilin petrochemical diesel oil quality upgrading project has completed the installation task of 98%

as of September 13, this product in Jilin is a new type of light-weight ground decoration material that is more popular in the world. Note: press the "pre drop hammer" key: the key stop indicator light does not light up level project has completed 98% of the installation task of key equipment. The total investment of the project is 1.6 billion yuan, which is expected to be completed on October 30. After completion and operation, it can not only meet the national diesel quality upgrading requirements, but also make full use of the space for diesel quality improvement and structural improvement if the gasket needs to be replaced, so that the product quality can meet the National IV vehicle diesel standard, and some product quality can meet the latest national V standard, which can greatly reduce vehicle sulfur dioxide emissions. The project can increase 245000 tons of -20 and -35 low pour point diesel oil in winter, realize the structural adjustment of diesel oil products, and increase the economic benefits of enterprises

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