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Jilin University Science and Technology Park launched a high-tech product

Jilin University Science and Technology Park launched a high-tech product

August 24, 2004

a new high-tech product in Jilin University Science and Technology Park - "three resistance coating" is expected to become a wild advertisement. This will set up a kind of "street psoriasis" under the condition of not affecting the experimental results and causing harm to the environment, and the street signs sprayed with this coating, Wild advertisements can neither be pasted nor scrawled

at the 5th China Changchun International Education Exhibition held recently, Qian Zhong, chairman of Jilin University Science Park, said that the so-called "three resistance coatings" are coatings with three functions of anti sticking, anti pollution and anti graffiti. It is a organosilicon fluorocarbon resin synthesized with nano materials. It has the characteristics of high temperature and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, non adhesion, low friction and so on. It has "self-cleaning", and is a powerful weapon to resist the pollution of modern urban public facilities "psoriasis" - Wild advertising. Its "three resistance" performance is unmatched by other coatings

the author of auspicious gymnastics shall not leave without authorization; Wang Zhe, head of the Patriotic Health Office of Lin Province, said that the newly revised "patriotic health management regulations of Jilin Province" has just been implemented. In this context, the invention of "three resistance coating" will undoubtedly become a strong defender of public health

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