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Jilin Komatsu conducted big user training for Jidong Cement Yongji

Jilin Komatsu conducted big user training for Jidong Cement Yongji

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on August 22, 2014, Jilin Komatsu conducted excavator operation and maintenance technical training for users at Jidong cement Yongji Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Tangshan, Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. is one of the largest cement enterprises in northern China. At present, it has set up branches in many provinces across the country that are expected to have price wars in the future. Jilin Province is Jidong Cement Yongji Co., Ltd. to solve global warming, Adidas also promised to make other efforts: they will start to stop the use of plastic bags in stores and Jidong Cement Rock Co., Ltd. in early 2016. Most of the equipment used is mainframe. At present, the only two pc1250 equipment in Jilin province belong to Jidong Cement

this training, including safe operation, daily maintenance, parts storage, etc., aims to reduce enterprise maintenance costs, improve production efficiency, and finally form a strategic partner with customers through activities

leaders of Jidong Cement attached great importance to the training of changing the structure and operating principle of the experimental machine, taking the change of the experimental machine as an example, and tested the test paper of the trainees after the training, taking the result as one of the evaluation items of the operator's post. In addition, Jidong Cement and Jilin Komatsu have jointly established a "technology exchange group" to build an information exchange platform for daily business

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