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Jilin Petrochemical realizes the sea railway combined transportation of pure benzene raw materials for the first time. Recently, the first batch of sea railway combined transportation pure benzene raw materials of Jilin Petrochemical arrived at Jilin north railway station one day ahead of schedule, accompanied by the loud train whistle. This is the first time that the company has tried the sea rail combined transportation business of pure benzene raw materials

according to the company's raw material procurement plan, Jilin petrochemical logistics center undertook the transportation task of 2900 tons of pure benzene raw materials. In view of the actual situation of large supply of raw materials, tight time and many transportation links this time, they first chose sea railway combined transportation, which has become the first choice for raw material transportation due to its outstanding advantages such as large transportation capacity, relatively low transportation cost, less pollution emissions and convenient transportation. Although it is the first time to introduce pure benzene raw materials by sea to railway, the logistics center is full of confidence in the operation line of "sea railway combined transportation". "After the cargo ship is transported to Dalian port and put into the tank, it is transported to Jilin by railway, which not only greatly reduces the transfer time, but also reduces the transportation cost for enterprises and meets the supply demand." Said the head of the shipping section of the logistics center

in order to ensure that the raw materials can enter the factory on schedule with quality and quantity guaranteed, and realize the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the enterprise. The logistics center has set up a transportation assurance team. After receiving the transportation plan, it will study the intermodal process together with the material procurement company at the first time, carefully consider the connection process of each key node from commodity inspection, unloading into storage tanks, self-contained vehicle loading, shipping, receiving, etc., formulate a practical sea rail intermodal plan, and arrange a special person to be responsible for the coordination of on-site business in Dalian port

Jilin petrochemical logistics center put forward the composition design of domestic high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy and the microstructure control criteria in the manufacturing process during the intermodal transportation. It was well deployed, coordinated and timely, with appropriate measures and the whole process under control, and achieved the goal of safe and efficient transportation of pure benzene raw material by sea and rail for the first time

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