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Jilin stipulates that the elderly have the right to refuse adult children to "gnaw on the elderly"

recently, the 21st Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th Provincial People's Congress deliberated and adopted the regulations on the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly in Jilin Province, and decided to officially implement them on May 1 next year. 2. The "elderly" mentioned in the touch key operation mode refers to citizens over the age of 60

elderly husband and wife shall not be forcibly separated to support

the children of the elderly and other dependants have the obligation to support the elderly. If the children of the elderly die or their children are unable to support them, the grandchildren and grandchildren who can afford it have the obligation to support the elderly. The spouse of the supporter shall assist the supporter in performing his maintenance obligations

elderly couples have the obligation to support each other. When a brother or sister who is supported by a brother or sister becomes an adult, he or she has the obligation to support an elderly brother or sister who has no support. Elder brothers and sisters who are supported by younger brothers and sisters have the obligation to support older brothers and sisters who have no dependants

a supporter or a supporter may not refuse to perform the statutory obligations of support or support by giving up the right of inheritance or by divorce, remarriage or other reasons of the elderly

the supporter shall respect the wishes of the elderly and shall not forcibly support the elderly husband and wife separately

the elderly have the right to refuse "too fast or too slow gnawing indicates that the machine is abnormal;"

if an adult child or other relative who has the ability to live independently requests economic assistance from the elderly, the elderly have the right to refuse

adult children and their relatives shall not infringe upon the property rights and interests of the elderly by stealing, swindling or forcibly demanding because of lack of income, low income or other reasons

the elderly and their children or other relatives jointly contribute to the purchase and construction of housing, which shall enjoy the corresponding share of ownership and use rights according to the proportion of capital contribution or agreement

children shall not interfere in the marriage of the elderly

the freedom of marriage of the elderly is protected by law. Children or other relatives shall not interfere with the freedom of marriage and the family life of the elderly after remarriage

the remarried elderly are encouraged to make a written agreement or notarization on their personal property before marriage and the property obtained during the marriage relationship

real time settlement can be made for medical treatment in different places in the province

elderly people who participate in insurance (joint venture) in the province, leave the place of insurance (joint venture) and live in different places for a long time in the province, and obtain residence registered residence or residence permit, when seeking medical treatment in different places, real-time settlement shall be made according to the payment policy of the place of insurance (joint venture) in accordance with relevant regulations

people's governments at or above the county level should establish a long-term care security system for the elderly, and give nursing subsidies to the elderly who are unable to take care of themselves for a long time and have financial difficulties according to their disability degree

the elderly over 65 years old are free to take the bus

the elderly enjoy preferential services in recent years with ID card, preferential treatment certificate or other valid documents. The elderly living in other cities of the province enjoy the same preferential treatment. The elderly over the age of 65 take urban public buses (electric vehicles), light rail buses, subway buses and other public transport vehicles free of charge. Cities with conditions are encouraged to reduce the cost of elderly under the age of 65 taking the first transmission mode of urban public transport transmission safety tools, and the local people's government will give corresponding subsidies. The specific measures shall be formulated by the local people's government. Toll parks, gardens, scenic spots, cultural relics buildings and heritage museums should be free of tickets for the elderly over the age of 65, and the elderly under the age of 65 should enjoy a half price discount. We encourage sightseeing cars, cable cars and other means of transportation in the scenic area to give preferential treatment to the elderly

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