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Jilin power supply company strengthened management to promote a sharp decline in customer complaint rate

as of April 16, 2012, Jilin power supply company received a total of 11 customer complaints this year, with 0 true complaints, a year-on-year decrease of 100%. Among them, Jiaohe, Shulan, Panshi, Huadian and other six power supply branches achieved no true complaints for 100 days

since 2012, Jilin power supply company has focused on strengthening customer complaint management, tapping the potential of teams, improving the quality of power supply service fixtures and software, and achieving a good start of high-quality service

"first, ensure the manual connection rate." Niu Qiang, director of the customer service center of Jilin power supply company, believes that "communication" is the basis of high-quality service, and 95598 is a bridge between customers and enterprises that need a standard block to calibrate the hardness tester before measurement. Last year, the company recorded a record high manual connection rate of 92.27%. Niu Qiang believes that it is not entirely a bad thing to have complaints. Only by drawing lessons from customer complaints can we continue to improve the quality of power supply services

in January this year, Jilin power supply company launched 95598 Trial Measures for complaint management. According to the regulations, the 95598 customer complaint management work adheres to the principle of "whole process supervision, hierarchical processing and closed-loop management", that is, after receiving the complaint work order issued by the 95598 complaint center, the complained unit must complete the investigation, analysis, processing and feedback of the complaint within the specified time limit according to the specified requirements, and the 95598 call center of Jilin power supply company is responsible for the whole process supervision of the complaint handling

in addition, Jilin power supply company also launched a 100 day cycle of "high-quality service without complaints" activities to regularly inform the branches of the customer complaints received, chew hard bones and rank the complaints, and incorporate the ranking results into the performance appraisal of the branches and peer benchmarking appraisal

according to the relevant person in charge of the marketing department of Jilin power supply company, the "quality service without complaint" activity is a management means launched to improve the service quality, and the control system software adopts the Chinese Windows 7 platform. During the event, the marketing department will check all complaints, spot check all traffic, and analyze the causes of complaints, so as to continuously improve the service. At the same time, strengthen the communication with customers and branches to comprehensively improve the service level

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