Thoughts on the breakthrough of off highway dump t

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Tongli heavy industry: Thoughts on the breakthrough of off highway dump truck market

Tongli heavy industry: Thoughts on the breakthrough of off highway dump truck market

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off highway dump truck is a new cross-border product developed in recent 10 years, which is mainly used in the field transportation of short-distance bulk materials in open-pit mines. Since the product entered the market in 2004, it has been recognized by the market for its economic, applicable and safe performance. After two major upgrades and improvements in 2008 and 2013, now, the off-road dump truck has reached a new height in terms of safety, reliability, adaptability, efficiency and economy, can adapt to and meet the construction requirements of various working conditions and environments, and has become an ideal equipment for open-pit mine site transportation

the market demand for off-road dump truck products is closely related to the mining scale of open-pit mines. Since the second half of 2012, affected by the global financial crisis, domestic supply side reform and capacity reduction policies, the mine production has been limited, shut down and rectified, resulting in a sharp decline in demand. The off-road dump truck market has also experienced a cliff like decline, from the annual sales of more than 13000 units in the peak period of the industry to less than 4000 units now, The decline was more than 70%. The number of manufacturers decreased sharply from more than 60 at that time to less than 10 now. After four years of long market downturn, the market structure of off-road dump trucks has changed significantly. High molecular materials can also produce agricultural greenhouse film, mulch film and seed coating, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) the proportion of small and medium-sized mines is decreasing, and the number of large and medium-sized mines is increasing, affecting the demand for equipment to develop towards large-scale

(2) the mine operation is becoming more and more standardized, and the requirements for safety and environmental protection indicators are becoming higher and higher

(3) the characteristics of users have changed from retail investors of subcontracted projects to system customers and large construction units. The equipment procurement process is more standardized, and the requirements for the performance indicators of purchased equipment are more detailed and strict

(4) demand changes, from the demand for products to the demand for overall solutions

(5) in the case of the overall market downturn, the market is divergent. The market dominated by open-pit coal mines is divergent into open-pit coal mines, metal mines, cement building materials gravel aggregate mines, non-metallic mines, large-scale projects, ports and wharves, mountain shifting and sea reclamation projects, etc. the change of market structure has an impact on the marketing model dominated by distribution

(6) the large number of idle equipment in the market poses great pressure on new car sales

(7) the implementation of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy provides more opportunities for off-road dump trucks to go global. The above aspects will be the main characteristics of the off highway dump truck market for some time in the future. How to seek development in adversity and breakthrough in difficulties will be the main topic for manufacturing enterprises to think deeply and seek development around the above market characteristics

as for the new changes in the market, enterprises are also constantly thinking and exploring

product innovation

due to low technical barriers and low entry barriers, off-road dump trucks cause serious product homogenization. The market has formed vicious competition of competing business policies, which has caused harm to the development of enterprises and industries, and hindered the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises and industries. How long is the production cycle of the experimental machine that enterprises can only create characteristic products through product innovation? Many material manufacturers, universities and researchers are eager to know how long the production cycle of the experimental machine is, so as to avoid homogenization and vicious competition. At present, the product innovation of off highway dump trucks is mainly reflected in the following models: efforts to build a national bulk dry cargo distribution center, a national important energy storage and transportation center, and a national deep and open sea comprehensive development support base:

(1) full coverage product model. Improve the reliability of products by strengthening the product structure. No matter what type of mine and working environment, the same kind of products are sold. This kind of product has low innovation technology content, low innovation cost, easy to realize, and has good applicability in mines with good working conditions and environment. However, the shortcomings of the product are its high quality, high fuel consumption, high operating costs, poor adaptability and high failure rate in some mines with deep pits, large slopes and poor working conditions

(2) locally improved product mode. Taking several products as the basic models, according to the working conditions of the mine and the requirements of users, the local structure and configuration are improved, mainly to improve the container structure, so as to adapt to the transportation of different types of materials. This kind of product can well meet the loading and transportation characteristics of materials, but it can not fully adapt to the transportation characteristics of different roads. For example, the basic model is developed for heavy-duty uphill conditions, so the braking safety of the product will be insufficient under heavy-duty downhill conditions

(3) customized product mode. The products are customized according to the different working conditions and environments of each mine. When customizing the products, it is necessary to fully consider the road characteristics, loading characteristics, material characteristics, driving density, climatic environment and the personalized requirements of users, and customize the most suitable products under the principles of high efficiency, economy and high return on investment. This kind of product has strong adaptability to working conditions, high reliability, large comprehensive transportation capacity and high transportation efficiency. However, the technical requirements are high, which many enterprises cannot do at present. In addition, the manufacturing cost is large, which is unfavorable to market competition. At present, in the industry, Tongli heavy industry has always adhered to the product customization mode. After more than ten years of development, it has accumulated complete product life cycle data and a large number of mine application data, and established a perfect Tongli method and product design module library, which has always led the development of the industry in product technology innovation

the first two product innovation models are mainly based on the use requirements and the principle of meeting the basic use requirements of mines, which belong to demand led product innovation. This kind of innovative technology content is relatively low, easy to imitate and serious homogenization. On the basis of meeting the basic requirements of use, the customized product innovation mode takes more account of the specific operation data of the mine and aims to achieve the best operation efficiency. It is a technology led innovation mode with high technical content and is not easy to imitate. It can create characteristic products of enterprises and avoid homogenization and vicious competition

therefore, in terms of product innovation, enterprises should increase technology accumulation, take the technology led innovation mode, and create more efficient and professional products for different working conditions on the basis of customized mode. Lead the demand direction and create more new demands by creating characteristic products

service innovation

service is the continuation of sales, known as "second sales", and service plays a great role in promoting sales. In the off highway dump truck industry, the current service mode is mainly mine service. This service mode is mainly applicable to mining areas where product sales are relatively concentrated, and the mining areas have a large number of products. However, with the expansion of market dispersion, the service mode in the mine can no longer meet the service needs of each user, which requires further leveling and compaction of the land inside the plant. It is necessary to adapt to changes with service innovation

service innovation, tailored to the service needs of different users. For example, for users with scattered mining areas and a small number of products, various service modes such as regular tour service, social commission service, independent service, direct service and so on can be implemented; For users with a large number of centralized equipment in the mining area, implement zero distance resident service; Customized services in the form of full contracting are implemented for users of large-scale engineering projects. Through innovative services, meet user service needs, consolidate user relations, and maintain the market

marketing innovation

the current marketing mode is mainly to run information and grasp orders. The focus of marketing is on the key links in the procurement stage. Many manufacturers compete fiercely. Even if the winner is the last, it is scarred and pays a heavy price. This kind of marketing mode is passive marketing, and the chance of winning is largely not in your own hands

marketing innovation is to change passive marketing into active marketing. From the early tracking of engineering projects, we should actively carry out marketing activities, publicize enterprises and products, and actively provide relevant solutions such as product solutions and service solutions for engineering project parties, which will have an impact on the equipment procurement decision-making stage of the project. In this way, in the equipment procurement stage, users will have a great degree of recognition and a great chance of winning. In addition, active marketing is also conducive to maintaining the long-term and stable demand relationship of users, establishing a good market foundation, and is conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises

innovative ideas

at present, off highway dump truck products are mainly used in open-pit coal mines, open-pit iron mines, non-ferrous metal mines, cement building materials mines, hydropower projects, etc., with narrow application fields. Products are also mainly concentrated in off-road wide body dump trucks, and there are few product series, which limit the development of off-road dump truck industry

idea innovation is to establish a large off-road dump truck market idea, expand application fields and expand product series. In terms of expanding application fields, we should actively develop the non-metallic mine market, underground mine market, infrastructure engineering markets such as railways and highways, and construction projects along the "the Belt and Road". In terms of expanding product series, we actively develop special off-road dump truck products, underground transportation equipment, special transportation equipment, etc. To tap demand, expand the market and expand the "cake", the off-road dump truck industry will usher in a new dawn

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