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How China's printing industry goes global (III)

the decision of the Third Plenary Session of the 108th CPC Central Committee proposed that over the past three years, China's printing industry has continuously expanded its opening-up and continuously improved its level of opening-up. In 2001, the Chinese government promulgated and implemented the "Regulations on the administration of printing industry", allowing the establishment of Sino foreign joint ventures and Sino foreign cooperative printing enterprises, and allowing the establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises engaged in packaging and decoration printing business activities. The General Administration of publication and the former Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation also jointly promulgated and implemented the Interim Provisions on the establishment of foreign funded printing enterprises, which made specific provisions for foreign investors to invest in and establish printing enterprises in China. Many local governments take the printing industry as an urban industry and cultural industry, incorporate it into the national economic and social development planning, and take strong support measures, which provides a good policy environment for accelerating the development of the printing industry

3. Foreign printing industry's recognition of China's development

China's economic take-off is obvious to all in the world. At the International Printing Development Forum, speakers mentioned the impact of the development of China's printing industry on their own countries

Mr. John brazier, CEO of the British Association of publishing, printing and media technology providers (Picon), said that the most important role of Picon is to support its members to expand overseas markets. The rapidly developing Chinese market is very important for British manufacturers. The president of the American Association of printing, publishing and paper processing technology suppliers (NPES) lmontagne made it difficult to identify the point of submission. Of course, Chinese printing enterprises will buy products from the United States, but they are also partners and strong competitors of American printing enterprises, and Chinese enterprises are increasingly trying to find sales opportunities for their products in the United States. German printing and paper equipment system 6. Mr. Wilfried Schaefer, general manager of VDMA, said that China is the second largest market for German printing equipment exports, with an export share of 9%, the first and third are the United States (16%) and the United Kingdom (7%). Mr. Yoshiyuki Komori, President of Japan printing industry machinery industry association, put forward specific hopes for the development of China's printing industry. He said that we should pay attention to the trends of developed printing countries such as Europe, America and Japan while taking their advantages and drawing lessons from their own printing operations

experts from the printing industry association of developing Asian countries also talked about their expectations for Chinese printing enterprises in the speech of the International Printing Development Forum. Mr. Fauzi lubis, President of Indonesia Printing Association, believes that if China can provide support in printing education, cooperate with Indonesia's large printing enterprise association, or use equipment to reinforce Indonesia's existing training centers, and systematically train their instructors, it will certainly obtain high economic benefits. He also said that if Chinese printing equipment enterprises can have excellent sales agents, high-quality and economic products, and in place after-sales service, they will be accepted by the Indonesian market. Mr. Vinod Kumar rajpal, vice president of all India Printing Association, hopes to make his own contribution to the development of developing countries in Asia into a global printing production base by strengthening exchanges and cooperation. Mr. Chen Shukai, diplomatic director of the National Printing Association of the Philippines, said that an effective way for China's printing equipment and equipment to enter the Philippine market is to provide technical assistance to the Philippines like the European Union

4. The impact of information technology on the printing industry

speakers attending the international printing development forum all talked about information technology as the driving force for the development of the printing industry. Ren Weiquan, President of Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. of Peking University, put forward the new concept that printing is information service. 1. Hydraulic series. With the development of society, information is becoming more and more important to mankind and has become an essential element of life. Printing technology is also developing rapidly, and printing has become an important part of modern information communication technology. The characteristics of information demand in the information age are: diversification, personalization, timeliness requirements are getting higher and higher

the information dissemination mode in the information age has changed from a single process of production release to a two-way process of release and on-demand service request. The essence has changed, and information consumers have changed from passive to active

5. Update of enterprise development concept

Dai Yuanlun, executive deputy general manager of Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., mentioned in his speech that Shanghai Electric should play a brand innovation strategy and constantly meet the new needs of customers with innovation

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