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How builders dig gold in the United Arab Emirates Guide: in recent years, international oil prices have been hovering at high prices, and the oil revenues of oil producing countries in the Gulf region have increased steadily. These composites have good mechanical strengthening, electrical and optical properties when the polymer volume fraction is highly reduced. Many oil producing countries have therefore increased their investment in domestic infrastructure construction, making the infrastructure construction and engineering construction industry in the entire Gulf region flourish

in recent years, international oil prices have been hovering at high prices, and the oil revenue of oil producing countries in the Gulf region has increased steadily. As a result, many oil producing countries have increased their investment in domestic infrastructure construction, making the infrastructure construction and engineering construction industry in the entire Gulf region a prosperous scene, especially the engineering contracting market in the United Arab Emirates

relevant statistics show that with the increase of oil revenue of oil producing countries in the Arabian Gulf, the engineering contracting market of regional leisure and entertainment industry, transportation and civil aviation industry, urban housing construction, hydropower and other projects is very active. The governments of Gulf countries have invested huge amounts of funds in the above fields, and the annual contract volume is more than tens of billions of dollars. The engineering contracting market in the United Arab Emirates is like a gold mine waiting to be mined, facing gold prospectors from all over the world

can the United Arab Emirates achieve impact experiments on the universal experimental machine? The UAE market is active

the UAE is one of the oil rich countries in the Gulf region, and its domestic contracting market is the most active. The "development and investment agency" of the United Arab Emirates announced the main development projects of the United Arab Emirates in the next few years on November 5, 2002. Among them, the medical and tourism projects alone will invest 1.8 billion US dollars, including the construction of a Dubai health care tourism center, which has a medical complex building, a medical research institute, a nursing school, daily medical clinics, medical laboratories and a medical rehabilitation center. In addition, five-star luxury hotels, fitness centers, hot spring bathing centers and other facilities will be built. The most eye-catching project in Dubai is the construction of two palm shaped artificial islands in the Dubai free zone by reclamation. According to the plan, at least 40 luxury hotels, 2000 residential buildings, theme parks, water parks, shopping malls and other entertainment and shopping facilities will be built on the two islands. It is expected that the reclamation project will be completed in 2004, and the bidding for the island's roads, hydropower and other infrastructure and the island's engineering projects will begin at that time

at the same time, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is also building a large number of projects, including Abu Dhabi International Conference Center, seaside park expansion project, Abu Dhabi business center, 2000 economic housing, International Airport reconstruction and expansion project, as well as 36 underground crossings and overpasses in Abu Dhabi City. In addition, the construction of engineering projects in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates is also being stepped up or planned, among which the larger projects are the expansion project of fujaira airport and a 500 bed tourist seaside resort. If you have any problems in the use and operation

UAE engineering project classification

categories related projects

1, main roads, street Roads Project 2, rainwater sewers

3, bridges, underpasses, overpass buildings 1, various buildings

project 2, metal structure buildings

1, large civil engineering of seaport 2, water dam project 3, large water storage tanks

1, power transmission and distribution project 2, communication lines

1, water supply project of waterworks 2 Main water supply

3, branch water supply

1, sewage treatment plant

2, main drainage and drainage project 3, branch drainage, access to household

engineering Electromechanical Engineering 1, refrigeration and air conditioning engineering

project 2, electromechanical engineering project

1, well drilling Agricultural Engineering 2, agricultural irrigation

project 3, greening project

registration company classification registration

generally, The engineering contracting projects tendered by the UAE government are divided into two categories. One is the large-scale projects with high technical content, which generally adopts the practice of direct international bidding, and the other projects adopt the method of domestic bidding, that is, the bidding company must be an engineering company registered in the UAE before it can sign up to purchase the bid and participate in the quotation bidding. If a foreign company carries out engineering contracting business in the UAE, it must first go through the registration procedures in the UAE

it is not complicated to register an engineering contracting company in the United Arab Emirates. Generally, you can get a business license within one month. However, according to the relevant laws and regulations of the UAE government, the contracting company that has obtained the business license must register at the qualification classification Committee of the Ministry of planning of the UAE and obtain the qualification classification certificate. The company must participate in the project bidding of the government according to the scope of the contracting project specified in the qualification classification certificate. According to the regulations on the qualification classification of contracting companies issued by the government of the United Arab Emirates, contracting companies are divided into six grades: super grade and grade 1-5

the engineering projects issued by the United Arab Emirates are divided into eight categories: roads and bridges, housing construction, large-scale civil engineering, electricity, water supply, drainage, electromechanical and agriculture, and each category also includes several engineering projects. When applying for qualification classification, the contracting company should first determine the type of engineering company it applies for, and it should be within this category when applying for engineering technicians and company performance. For example, if the company applies for the qualification level of road and bridge engineering, the engineering technicians must be engineers in road and Bridge engineering, and the company's performance is also in road and bridge engineering. A large company can apply for several types of qualification certificates at the same time. If the contracting company declares the engineering qualification grade other than the "UAE engineering project classification table", it must apply to the relevant competent department separately. For example, in the fields of petroleum and chemical industry, special applications for petroleum engineering need to be made to the National Petroleum Company of the United Arab Emirates

industries that implement the foreign labor bank deposit system

industry category business activities types of work

all companies that hold engineering contracting licenses and engage in construction contracting projects do not have engineering contracting licenses, but the labor personnel of companies that operate in construction, roads, bridges and civil buildings are required to submit bank guarantees

including public transport companies, construction waste treatment Land transportation of raw materials, transportation of petroleum materials, sewage transportation, container transportation, furniture transportation and land transportation of heavy

equipment of the non-government

transportation industry

including all textiles, clothing, knitting, printing and dyeing, blanket production, shoes, leather, wool textile clothing industry products, socks, ropes and other related products

including private schools, middle schools, kindergartens, nursing schools, vocational training schools Driving schools, educational institutions, private training centers, etc.

including the sale and import of fruits and food, the sale and import of frozen meat, sugar, coffee,

food industry, tea, flour, bread and other trade, supermarkets and department stores

repair, maintenance and other vehicles except for the agents and branches of automobile manufacturers

vehicle maintenance services

including pest control services, garbage recycling and transportation, construction Cleaning and sewerage services

cleaning business, laundry, etc.

hotels, small restaurants, cafes, food supplies, desserts, etc.

various maintenance companies include ship equipment repair, electronic and electrical product installation, watch, gem and jewelry

repair, communication equipment repair, central air conditioning, highway and bridge repair

82 kinds of business activities of small enterprises and oil field services

it is difficult to meet the external risks of mechanical properties and have to be prevented

in order to safeguard the interests of domestic contractors and support the development of local contractors, and improve their competitiveness with foreign contractors, the UAE government has issued a series of policies to protect the interests of domestic contractors, which greatly increases the operational difficulties and contracting risks of foreign contracting companies

(1) according to the Afghan government, when foreign companies participate in the bidding of engineering projects, the bid security is generally 2% - 3% of the total amount of the bidding projects, while the local companies are halved. The performance guarantee of foreign companies is generally 10% - 25% of the total project amount, while that of local companies is also halved. After winning the bid, the owner generally only gives 15% - 25% of the project advance payment to the domestic contracting company, while the foreign contracting company does not enjoy the treatment of project advance payment and must bring its own project start-up funds. For large projects, even local companies, the maximum advance payment is only 5million dirhams. Therefore, foreign companies have a large amount of fixed assets and working capital investment, a long payback period and great capital pressure

(2) the United Arab Emirates stipulates that foreign companies must rent one and purchase one when purchasing large machinery and equipment. Due to the high rent, the use cost of machinery and equipment is increased. If the subcontractor purchases the equipment, the nominal property right of the equipment belongs to the main contractor. At the end of the project, property rights disputes often occur, and the result is often that the equipment is embezzled by the main contractor or resold to the main contractor at a low price, causing economic losses to the subcontractor

(3) bidding documents for contracted engineering projects generally specify designated material suppliers, or specify to purchase products of European and American standards, which limits the purchase of Chinese goods to some extent. At the same time, the relevant departments of the local consulting, supervision and owner company will work together with suppliers to raise the price of purchased goods and entrap contractors from time to time

(4) in the United Arab Emirates, there are more than 2 million cheap workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries. In recent years, labor disputes in the United Arab Emirates have occurred constantly. In 2001, the United Arab Emirates issued regulations that the contracting company must apply for a labor card for each foreign worker, and each card must pay a bank guarantee of 3000 dirhams (about US $800). Once an accident occurs, the government can use this money to pay the workers' wages or send them back to China. Although the law protects the legitimate rights and interests of foreign workers to a certain extent, it also seriously occupies the funds of the contracting company and increases the project cost

Chinese companies compete well

in the United Arab Emirates, there are a large number of foreign, Arab and domestic contracting companies, and the market competition is fierce. For every ordinary civil engineering project, 20 or 30 companies will participate in the bidding. In order to compete, many companies have to lower the bid price, even break even bidding

in recent years, Chinese contracting companies in the United Arab Emirates have achieved some successful experience, one of which is that when entering the United Arab Emirates contracting market, engineering labor subcontracting is the first. Since labor subcontracting requires no early investment, equipment, and engineering guarantee, the risk is small. After completing one or two projects in the United Arab Emirates, the company will be registered and the qualification classification will be declared. This can save the investment cost of the company entering the UAE contracting market. In addition, there are also Chinese companies that register two companies in the United Arab Emirates at one time, one is a joint venture with local people, and the other is a wholly-owned contracting company. When looking for projects, they can use the UAE partners of the joint venture who are familiar with the local situation and have the expertise of upper level relations to undertake projects, and their own wholly-owned companies will subcontract the construction of the project. Although this requires sharing some profits with UAE partners, you can enjoy the preferential conditions of many local companies

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