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A technological revolution in architectural decoration coatings is brewing

a technological revolution in architectural decoration coatings is brewing

January 30, 2019

Author: Yang Xianghong, chairman of Suzhou Austin New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

we know that architectural decoration coatings, that is, interior and exterior wall coatings, account for about% of the entire coating market. If we talk about the past 2018, the demand for coatings in China's coating market is as high as 23million tons, The market scale of architectural decoration coatings should exceed 900 tons, which can efficiently catalyze the cycloaddition reaction of CO2 and propylene oxide under normal temperature and pressure (angew. chem. int. ed. 2016, 55, 9685; highlighted in back cover), of which the proportion of internal and external walls may be 12:1, or even more mysterious. Why is there so little exterior wall paint? The most vigorous demand for exterior wall paint must be in the first and second tier cities with the most developed real estate. The high land price forces the developers to "high-rise" the houses they build in the "land of an inch of land and an inch of money". Considering the future maintenance costs and the "not very clean air" in the first and second tier cities, exterior wall coatings are becoming less and less the first choice of real estate developers; As a high-rise building with dozens of floors, there is only one external wall, but there are dozens of internal walls, so the internal wall paint is the main force of architectural decoration paint, Chinese paint

in the past three decades, there has been no revolutionary change in the technology of interior wall coatings in the market, and even the proportion of main raw materials in the formula has been similar in the past three decades: styrene acrylic lotion, pure acrylic lotion, titanium dioxide, fungicide, calcium carbonate, defoamer, dispersant, thickener, heavy calcium and kaolin, but the name of the supplier may have changed. Because of the rapid development of China's architectural decoration coatings, China's great titanium dioxide industry has been achieved. Many production enterprises are even born for architectural decoration coatings! For example, bardful, a major producer of lotion, has attracted many enterprises to support the stable and attractive high gross profit in this field, such as the color paste of Guangdong Kedi and Shiming technology, and BYK, a giant in the field of additives

from an ecological point of view, the interior wall coating should correct the sentence "we see each other every day", so the ideal interior wall coating should be made of durable pure natural materials. Some people say that we have used a lot of pure natural inorganic materials, such as titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, kaolin, and even diatom mud. The key lotion that can be used to produce interior wall coatings is not made of pure nature, and bactericides, defoamers, antifreezes, etc. are not made of pure natural materials

when you close the windows and turn on the air conditioner in winter and summer, there is no sound communication mechanism between government and enterprises. Someone can ensure that these things are completely harmless. Therefore, the next air outlet of architectural decorative coatings, especially interior wall coatings, is pure natural. This process will lead to the already guided reading: the industrial ecological chain formed in recent years has been confused. Someone recommended me to use latex paint made of no lotion, titanium dioxide, thickener and any inorganic filler at all. I also went to the site of this enterprise to see it. From the appearance, the word "shock" can be used; The material he used really doesn't need lotion or titanium dioxide. If you don't need to use lotion, of course, you can't use fungicides and thickeners; Its super covering power makes the addition of titanium dioxide redundant; Low raw material cost, adding calcium carbonate and kaolin has no value; If the reused pigments are mineral pigments, the words "renewable and pure natural" are well deserved

the R & D of this technology is completely cross-border. I have seen 90% of its production on the spot. If I continue to understand the remaining 10%, I believe that a technological revolution in the field of architectural decorative coatings will break out and cannot be stopped

the materials used make this coating completely tasteless, non-toxic, first-class in low temperature resistance, first-class in flame retardancy, and first-class in weatherability. Is 1000 hours enough? The key is that the performance decline after 1000 hours is less than 5%

well, can it really be achieved by blowing so much? After I understand the last part, I will find a reliable large enterprise to launch this revolutionary new technology. Why should we find a reliable large enterprise? Because architectural decoration coatings, especially interior wall coatings, are typical consumer grade coatings. You are facing hundreds of millions of consumer groups, and the large-scale marketing ability determines the speed and success of the promotion of this technology

looking at the above speed, the speed of the electronic universal experimental machine is not very great. We are no different from challenging the entire industrial ecological chain, but I am interested in any technology introduced to bring the interior wall coating made of pure natural and renewable materials to the common people, including me, so that we can live more comfortably and at ease

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