How the hottest domestic excavator agents face the

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How domestic excavator agents face the current market downturn

how domestic excavator agents face the current market downturn

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Guide: in 2009, China's excavator market was still in the stage of being a leading foreign brand, and the market share of domestic brands was less than 24%. After more than three years of development, the sales volume of domestic brands has achieved rapid growth, Among the 30 major excavator brands with rapid development in this industry in the future, domestic brands have a market share of more than 40%. In see country

in 2009, China's excavator market was still in the stage of a single foreign brand, and the market share of domestic brands was less than 24%. After more than three years of development, the sales volume of domestic brands has achieved rapid growth. Among the 30 major excavator brands, the market share of domestic brands exceeded 40%. While seeing the rapid rise of domestic brands and good performance, we also feel that in the face of the current market "downturn", we show insufficient stamina. In fact, the high sales volume in 2010 and the first four months of 2011 was the result of irrational "blowout" market growth driven by the national "4trillion" stimulus measures after the global financial crisis. In 2012, the total sales volume of 30 major excavator brands was nearly 93000 units, which was close to the annual total of 95000 units in 2009. It is expected that the annual sales volume in 2012 will reach about 120000 units. Therefore, the so-called "downturn" of the market is only a relative downturn in 2010 and 2011, not a real downturn. At present, it is still in an environment of relatively large market sales

because many domestic brand agents have grown up in the environment of rapid market growth and have not been tested and baptized by adversity, in this so-called "downturn" of the market, many of our domestic brand excavator agents feel multiple anxiety and worry in the face of reality and the future, mainly in the following aspects

feel confused about the industry prospect. In the short term, the industry prospect is not optimistic, and in the long term, the industry prospect is not clear

doubt the ability of manufacturers, and doubt whether domestic brand manufacturers have the ability to control the market and market support to continue to lead agents forward

the sales volume increased slowly, and even declined in many places

it is more difficult to control creditor's rights, the risk of creditor's rights is gradually highlighted, and the cash flow is in crisis

the operating costs of the company remain high, and the financial expenses are getting higher and higher

the morale of the team is unstable, and the core backbone wavers

although there are many reasons for the above anxiety and worry, the core problem is that under the existing market environment, our sales volume has increased slowly, or even continued to decline, resulting in a chain reaction and other problems and concerns

the reason why agents lack stamina

so what is the reason why domestic brand agents feel insufficient stamina and even worry about the decline of market share of lightweight solutions for modern mobility? The author believes that there are mainly the following reasons

the rapid growth of domestic brands in the past three years is mainly based on the rapid growth of the market. In the period of strong market demand, as long as agents have courage and courage, dare to increase people, cars, points and relax business conditions, even if personal sales ability and company management and control ability are poor, there will be sales growth. High sales cover up the lack of overall marketing ability of many agents and the lack of company management and control mechanism

the usual market environment has disappeared. At present, due to the reduction of engineering quantities, the number of new customers in the market is significantly reduced; On the other hand, the structure of existing customers is also changing quietly. The increasingly fierce competition in the construction market and the increasingly low construction profits force new buyers to consider the input-output ratio of the purchased equipment. The quality of domestic brands is becoming more and more stable, and the differentiation with joint venture brand products is becoming smaller and smaller. At the same time, due to the great improvement of the service quality, speed, convenience of accessories and diversity of business conditions of domestic brands, the above two points promote the proportion of existing stock customers buying domestic brands to increase. Existing customers with certain strength and relationship background are likely to buy again, while ordinary customers without much strength or relationship background will not buy again. The quality of customers who buy again is relatively improved compared with that before May 2011

the market environment has changed, but many domestic brand agents are still used to the old routine and have not changed with it. It is still based on the customer target positioning before establishing the decarburization layer prediction model of experimental steel under high temperature conditions at the same time, and it is still based on the previous methods of market development and sales promotion. The stock customers in the market, which have not been developed before, still do not develop. Due to the reduction of market engineering quantity, or the postponement or suspension of construction, the effective demand information naturally decreases

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