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How to become a "profit" center

it has become an imperative trend for call centers to transform from cost centers to profit centers

up to now, call center has really become an important part of enterprises that can not be ignored. Such as telecommunications, banking, securities, insurance, postal services, electric power, etc., call centers have played a very important role in the development of these industries and enterprises. And also began to be widely used in government, public services and other fields and industries

on the whole, the application of call center in China is still in its infancy, but the enterprises adopting call center are in the ascendant. With the increasing competition in the domestic market, it is the inevitable direction for enterprises to compete from the perspective of customer service and use limited customer resources to create the maximum enterprise value in the future. The call center that can directly face customers and serve customers has become the first choice of enterprises

because the call center has become an inevitable choice for enterprises to compete in the market, the current discussion direction of the call center has also shifted from building or not to how to further explore the value of the call center, so as to create more profits for enterprises

only input but no output

data show that 50% of the call centers that have been built at present are unsuccessful cases. For these unsuccessful introduction of the best technical means, a large part of the call center has been regarded as a tasteless waste of chicken ribs by enterprises. Building a call center has become a must for enterprises; However, after its completion, the operation cost is high and cannot produce visible benefits. It may also lead to the reduction of customer satisfaction due to poor management

purposefully reduce construction costs

with the continuous development of call center technology, at present, for enterprises, construction investment, operation costs and management costs are controllable

for small and medium-sized enterprises, cloud call center with flexible configuration is the best choice. Compared with traditional self built and managed call center systems, the emergence of cloud call center based on cloud computing technology and CTI computer integration technology is favored by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises. The so-called cloud call center is an enterprise integrated information service platform integrating, mobile, customer service, SMS, email and other communication methods. Its biggest advantages are:

1. Based on the virtualization and flexibility advantages of cloud computing, cloud call centers can achieve cross regional collaborative work, centralized management at multiple distribution points, strengthen the ability of enterprise distribution and centralized management, and improve service quality

2. Enterprises can use the cloud call center system without purchasing or installing servers, switches and other equipment, which saves a large part of the construction and maintenance costs of the call center system for enterprises. The cloud call center system can be used by directly logging in to the platform, saving the establishment cycle

3. The system has strong capacity expansion. Due to the cloud elasticity of a in cloud services, it can flexibly support the rapid expansion or contraction of enterprise call centers caused by business impact. Enterprises can expand the number of seats at any time based on their own needs, which is very convenient

Shanghai miling communication smartcall cloud call center system adopts the most popular cloud service business model at present. In the early preparation of call center construction, enterprises do not need to invest a lot in equipment and software, but only need to pay in the form of technical service fees according to the actual scale and modules used; In terms of industrial application, it is especially suitable for enterprises with wide geographical distribution, complex organizational structure and high customized business requirements, and enterprises that want to respond quickly and need centralized and distributed management, such as finance, insurance, education, real estate developers, energy, manufacturing, etc

take the initiative to create profits

in order to transform the call center from a cost center to a profit center, we must change the business model of the call center, that is, we must import the concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), from passively providing services to fully exploring customer value, and take the initiative to create profits for the enterprise

The core of CRM is to analyze customer information, explore customer needs, grasp marketing opportunities and realize customer value. As the unified external window of enterprises, the call center is responsible for customer information collection, customer demand analysis, customer value classification, customer demand satisfaction, as well as customer service, information release, market research, direct marketing and image display. Therefore, it can be said that the call center is the unified external information platform of CRM

only by analyzing and exploring the customer information collected by the call center according to the CRM concept, effectively integrating the customer information with the internal/external resources of the enterprise, and then meeting the needs of customers and realizing customer value through channels such as the call center, can the call center be transformed from a cost center into a profit center

realize the combination of dual C technology

if the call center wants to make profits, it must combine the core technology of the call center - CTI technology and CRM technology. Enterprises carry out customer service, information collection and information release through the relevant technologies of the call center. At the same time, through CRM data warehouse, data mining equipment wear and tear, data analysis and other technologies, enterprises realize the excavation, utilization and effective management of customer information, so as to maximize customer value

as a leading call center solution provider in the industry, miling communications smartcall cloud call center system perfectly combines CRM and CTI:

1. Intuitive document upload, clear schedule management

intuitive document upload is an epoch-making function in the field of communication technology. Whenever, the system supports the instant upload of files in various common formats, and the staff will no longer worry about document sharing, Make teamwork more efficient and convenient; At the same time, it also adds a new reminder function to manage members' travel plans through an efficient calendar function, which is convenient for work arrangement, and can also display important events and project milestones within the enterprise

2. Simple project management, easy communication tool

project management and conference assistance greatly save your working time. Only the information such as activity location, time, content and attachments are needed. The system helps you convey to the person you want to convey, so that you can bid farewell to the heavy materials and the lengthy meetings for which standard samples are stipulated in various countries; Of course, instant messaging is also essential. It can realize rapid internal communication, create a pure enterprise communication and cooperation platform for employees, and improve work efficiency

3. Real time agent monitoring, standardized recording quality inspection

among all the functions of the new smartcall call center, the monitoring function is particularly important to help enterprises conduct real-time monitoring of agent status, and take monitoring, forced insertion, forced disassembly, transfer and other operations for ongoing calls to ensure the real-time performance of business management; Managers can check the communication skills of the staff by playing or downloading the recorded files directly, and put forward modification suggestions for improving the service level

4. Rich statistical charts, powerful background management

finally, chart display and background management. The clear and intuitive chart is convenient for staff to quickly grasp work trends. It provides enterprise managers with five kinds of graphics, including bar chart, pie chart, column chart, linear chart and area chart, to assist managers to make timely customer data analysis; Through the background management, the functional rules of the whole call center system can be set according to the needs, and the customer data can be mastered in real time to quickly generate the corresponding reports, and the work of the previous stage can be summarized and reviewed regularly

therefore, in order to generate profits, it is necessary to force the call center from passively providing services to fully exploring customer needs. Only by fully analyzing and exploring the collected customer information according to the CRM concept and effectively integrating the customer information with the enterprise resources, and then providing customers with satisfactory products or services through the communication advantages of the call center, can the call center be transformed from a cost center into a profit center

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