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How can the paint industry move forward in the big data storm

how does the paint industry move forward in the big data storm

August 22, 2014

[China paint information] in recent years, the thermistor of the "big data" moving magnetic water thermometer sensor will become popular all over the world with the rise of temperature. Many IT professionals and business people predict that the world is about to enter the "big data era"

what is "big data"? The so-called "bigdata" in today's Internet industry refers to such a phenomenon: the user network behavior data generated and accumulated by a network company's daily operation "grows so fast that it is difficult to use existing database management tools to control. The difficulties lie in data acquisition, storage, search, sharing, analysis and visualization." These data volumes are so large that they are no longer measured in terms of how many g and t we are familiar with, but in terms of P (1000 t), e (onemillion T) or Z (1billion T), so they are called big data

perhaps, many people in the paint industry are confused: the era of big data is mainly for the IT industry. What is the relationship with the paint industry? In fact, "big data" is not so much a database as an analysis and summary of human behavior trends in the current society. The most important thing for coating enterprises is that the consumption behavior and habits of consumers largely affect the R & D direction and marketing strategy of enterprise coating products, and the understanding of coating enterprises to consumers happens to come from the analysis of "big data" of consumers. "Big data" can provide coating enterprises with not only cold data, but also market trends and consumption trends predicted by the data

when social networking is not popular and shopping is not so hot, the Internet is at best an intermediary for content dissemination. However, nowadays, after the prosperity and purchase of social networks have become a habit, the Internet is no longer just an intermediary and platform. As Facebook said, it is also a "new world". In the Internet space, people (or people) not only browse the exhibition, but also absorb the information they need in the world aluminum industry with their unique platform advantages, but also form a unit in which their words and deeds reveal their joys and sorrows, living habits, working mood, shopping desire and other factors. Then, the relevant data of Internet users are integrated and analyzed to achieve today's "big data"

as an unknown field in the society, the coating industry has always been "feeling the stones of foreign countries across the river", in which foreign stones refer to nippon, Dulux, Valspar and other international famous coating brands. In China, due to the low attention of relevant media or institutions to the coating industry, many data values of the coating industry have been ignored and disappeared in the rotation of history. In the past, the cognition of coating enterprises to data was also limited to some macro data, such as annual output, annual growth rate, monthly output and other macro information. The cognition of consumers was generally obtained through offline questionnaires

after the prosperity of social networking, coating enterprises have increasingly paid attention to social tools such as Weibo and. Just as apple has changed the rules of the intelligent industry, social tools have also changed the relationship between people. The publicity of coating enterprises for their own coating products has also begun to diversify, and gradually eight items of elastic modulus and maximum experimental force have penetrated into the Internet. Especially in the product promotion, publicity and other activities operated by social tools such as Weibo and Renren, due to their strong interaction, participants will unconsciously leave their own relevant information on the activity page. Through "big data", consumers' consumption goals, consumption behaviors, consumption amounts, consumption expectations and other information can be analyzed. Then, by integrating these information, paint enterprises can fully understand the relevant information of consumers, so as to improve the fit between their own paint products and consumers

nowadays, the "big data era" is gradually moving from concept to entity and business. Through mathematics, statistics, computer programming and other methods, "big data" can not only analyze the future trend of the safety belt tension tester, which is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries, but also provide important data for enterprises to deal with the relationship with consumers, For example, consumers' consumption expectations, consumption behaviors, consumption habits, etc

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