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Overview of the development of honeycomb paperboard packaging materials in China

with the rising awareness of environmental protection, an unprecedented "green revolution" is emerging in the global economic and industrial system. Green goods and green packaging will be the new hot spots of international marketing competition

the rise of green marketing concept has posed a severe challenge to the traditional packaging, and the emergence of green packaging has become an inevitable trend. In recent years, international conventions, new decrees and new plans have mentioned the prohibition or restriction of the use of polystyrene foamed plastic EPS. Therefore, in order to protect the ecological environment and reduce pollution, many countries have put forward the ideas of "zero packaging" and "green packaging" led by the packaging revolution, and gradually put these ideas into practice. Therefore, the electronic industry manufacturers in some countries have widely used paper-based cushioning materials such as pulp molding materials and products, multilayer corrugated paper mats and honeycomb sandwich paperboard to replace EPS in product packaging. Compared with EPS materials, these paper-based materials not only do not pollute the environment and can be recycled, but also have high strength, good cushioning performance, low cost and good performance in flexible processing. They are ideal green packaging materials from the comparison of bending moment dispersion and shear force dispersion of 3-point bending resistance and 4-point bending resistance

therefore, among many packaging materials and packaging methods, pulp molding and honeycomb paperboard have become new green packaging materials in the world in recent years, which can save resources, protect the ecological environment, have simple manufacture, good cushioning performance and low cost

1. Honeycomb paperboard is widely used

the hexagonal structure of honeycomb is a new honeycomb material produced by imitating the structure of honeycomb, taking paper as the base material and using modern electromechanical equipment. It is light in weight, high in strength, good in rigidity, and has the properties of cushioning, anti vibration, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc. it is easy to drill and cut, and can be processed into various shapes and sizes. At the same time, it has low production cost, low price and wide applicability. It is widely used in packaging, storage and transportation, construction, vehicle and vessel manufacturing, furniture industry, etc. to replace wood, clay bricks, expanded polystyrene EPS, etc., which is of great significance to reduce deforestation and protect the ecological environment

1. Packaging field. Honeycomb paper core and paperboard can be used for the packaging of the following products

1) electronic instruments and equipment, from computers to various household appliances. Honeycomb paper liner can protect against damage caused by vibration or improper handling

2) furniture and box items

3) glass and its products

4) boxes of printed or formulated products

5) products with irregular shapes. Whether household products or industrial products, even the weakest part can be protected with honeycomb paper core liner, and the materials used are generally less than other packaging materials

household packaging items include: motorcycles, auto parts, lamps, ceramic products (such as sanitary ceramics), refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers (clothes), copiers, machines, televisions, fax machines, tape recorders, music centers, kitchen cabinets, high brightness decorative lights, shading curtains, radar devices, circuit connectors, door covers of equipment, arts and crafts, lawn mowers, gardening equipment, etc

2. Transportation and handling. Honeycomb paperboard can be applied to the loading, unloading and transportation of the following products

1) sundries. Using recyclable honeycomb paper tray can protect products, reduce weight and reduce use cost

2) large packing box

3) goods transported by cars and trains are sandwiched between goods and goods, goods and trunk, which can avoid damage. It can be used with airbag or alone

4) printing and binding materials. Place the honeycomb paper between the two layers of printed matter to prevent the printed matter from being crushed and damaged

5) rolled film

6) bagged chemicals. Using honeycomb paper tray can reduce the weight of the tray and improve the half load of the vehicle

3. Structure field. Honeycomb paperboard can be used as a variety of components

1) billboards. Light weight, convenient installation and low cost

2) commercial and household doors. It can reduce the gravity of the door, increase stability and reduce the wear of the door shaft

3) vehicle parts. It can be used as the top grid, floor and wall panel of the carriage, which is conducive to improving the overall structure of the vehicle

4) desktop and modular furniture components. Honeycomb paper core can reduce weight, reduce bending deformation and improve strength

5) sound insulation board. Honeycomb paper core has sound absorption function

second, honeycomb paperboard has become a hot investment project

the reason why honeycomb paperboard has become a hot investment project is:

1 China's forest area coverage is only about 14%, accounting for only about half of the world's forest area coverage of 28%, and is one of the countries with the least forest resources in the world. Therefore, reducing deforestation, protecting resources and maintaining ecological balance is a long-term national policy of our country. In particular, China has suffered the worst flood in a century, which has caused the central leadership to protect forest resources. To this end, the central government decided to close all timber farms and prohibit deforestation. As a result, there is a great shortage of wood and the price of wood rises rapidly. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new materials to replace wooden packaging and wooden pallets as soon as possible. Through the test of honeycomb paperboard packaging box and honeycomb paperboard pallet, it is proved that it is superior to or close to wooden box and pallet in terms of falling test, rolling test, compression test, etc. Its cushioning performance is 2 ~ 8 times higher than that of wood products, and its weight is reduced by more than 65% than that of wood products. The price of the packing box made of it is more than 15% lower than that of the wooden box, and the price of the pallet made of it is more than 60% lower than that of the wooden pallet. Therefore, it is a new material that replaces wood products and has a broad development prospect in the packaging industry

2. Recently, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued a document to transmit the "opinions on strengthening the national packaging improvement work" of the national packaging improvement office. The document clearly pointed out that "the quality of wooden case packaging of export mechanical and electrical products is poor, so we should speed up the development and promotion of honeycomb paperboard and gradually replace some wooden case packaging." This provides a policy basis for the development and application of honeycomb paperboard in packaging, so that those who invest in this project are reassured, bolder and faster

3. Recently, the U.S. government banned the export of untreated wooden boxes and pallets in order to protect the country's forest resources from the damage of longicorn beetles. Canada, the European Community and other countries have also made the same decision one after another. To this end, the relevant departments of our country issued an urgent notice to study countermeasures. Relevant experts put forward five kinds of materials for wood products, namely bamboo plywood, plywood, corrugated cardboard, fiberboard and honeycomb board. Among them, honeycomb cardboard has the lowest cost, especially its excellent compressive performance, and is the only feasible material to replace wooden pallets

4. One of the important reasons why honeycomb paperboard is favored by people is its low production cost and strong competitive price. Its production cost is only 6.48 yuan/m2. Taking the rapid decline of the viscosity of colloid as an example, its cost price is less than 20 yuan. At present, the market price is only 38 yuan per pallet (far less than 100 yuan per wooden pallet). The profit is very considerable. Last year, the processing, adhesive and transportation costs of pallets were 12 yuan per pallet. A production line can make a profit of 14.4 million yuan per year based on the production of 1.2 million pallets a year, The average monthly profit is 1.2 million yuan, and the total investment can be recovered in less than two months, reflecting the actual value of high-tech products. Therefore, honeycomb paperboard material has a broad market prospect in China

III. application of honeycomb paperboard in China

honeycomb paperboard materials have been used in economically developed countries for more than 60 years. Especially after the second occupation, it has developed rapidly. In the economically developed countries in Europe and the United States, it is mostly used in the building materials and furniture industry because of its unique compressive properties

the manufacturing technology of honeycomb paperboard in China began in the late 1980s. Some visionary entrepreneurs paid attention to the great prospect of the development of honeycomb paperboard and began to introduce core and board production lines from developed countries. At the same time, domestic equipment has also begun to be put on the market, and there are more than ten production lines in the country. At present, China has developed the fifth generation of special equipment for the production of honeycomb paperboard, which has been greatly improved and qualitatively improved compared with previous generations. For example, the width of the newly produced honeycomb paperboard is increased from 0.8m to 1.4m, making the material more widely applicable; The cutting of honeycomb paper core adopts the internationally accepted hexagonal structure, which greatly reduces the material loss; The processing accuracy of the equipment is greatly improved compared with the previous ones, and the processing accuracy of the main components reaches more than five levels, making the produced cardboard hexagonal honeycomb more complete and reasonable, so that the stress strength can be greatly improved; All electrical components and devices of the equipment are imported, which makes the operation of the equipment more reliable and increases people's trust in domestic equipment. Moreover, the capital investment of the whole production line is only about 1/7 of the imported equipment, which greatly reduces the production cost and improves the market competitiveness

recently, the "Research on the development countermeasures and planning of China's green packaging industry" (Draft) prepared by the Department of comprehensive utilization and environmental protection of the Resources Department of the State Economic and Trade Commission has clearly included honeycomb cardboard packaging boxes in the promotion and development plan, It is pointed out that "this new honeycomb cardboard box will become an ideal packaging for China's export commodities, and its popularization and application will play a positive role in reducing the damage rate of commodities in the circulation process and improving the quality of packaged products." It is stipulated that the level of industrial production will be reached and formed by the end of 2000. This provides policy guarantee and development opportunities for the production of honeycomb paperboard

in order to speed up the development of honeycomb paperboard materials, the state officially issued the industry standard plan for honeycomb paperboard in 1997, listed honeycomb paperboard as an important packaging substrate developed by the industry, and standardized the requirements and testing methods of honeycomb paperboard from the selection of raw materials and auxiliary materials to the manufacturing process. This is of great significance to the standardized production of honeycomb paperboard and the acceleration of the development of honeycomb paperboard industry

IV. characteristics of honeycomb paperboard products

many packaging enterprises in China have begun to comply with the development of the times, using modern technology, from packaging raw and auxiliary materials, packaging new technology and equipment, to packaging waste management, and strive to implement "green packaging engineering" to save resources and protect the environment. For example, Shenzhen Jinlong paper products Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching a new environmentally friendly packaging product - honeycomb paper pallet

this honeycomb paper pallet has been tested by the pressure testing machine of Shenzhen Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau, and the total compressive strength is not less than 48000n. It can be seen that the honeycomb paper pallet made of honeycomb paperboard can completely replace the traditional wood pallet in performance and has many incomparable advantages:

1 The average weight of honeycomb paper pallet is only 4kg, accounting for only 1/4 of the weight of ordinary wood pallet. It can be transported and used without a stacker in the factory, showing the cost advantage of lightweight paper pallet

2. Honeycomb paper pallet solves the defect that traditional wood pallet is easy to be damaged and iron nails are exposed, which will cause damage to employees, and will not reduce its service life due to decay like wood pallet, which increases its added value

3. Honeycomb paper pallets are suitable for the current paper recycling system in various countries and regions, and can be 100% recycled without paying any waste treatment fees, which can bring additional income


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