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Development of edible packaging film

if the film used for food packaging is an edible substance with 209 door closers, it will undoubtedly reduce the amount of waste and achieve comprehensive utilization. For this, the following edible new materials have been developed:

starch decomposition powder is prepared from natural edible materials by microbiological fermentation, so that its water content is 7% - 10% and flows down on polyester film. The obtained film is tasteless and odorless, and can also be processed into fragrant and flavorful, transparent, smooth, high-strength, suitable for printing and mechanical packaging, and can be heat sealed, gas blocked, oil resistant, alcohol resistant, uncharged and 1 Regularly replace the oil filter element, which is free of dust and toxic gas when burning. It is easy to be treated at high temperature and soluble in water, such as being used as a packaging bag for instant noodles, condiments or vegetables. You don't have to tear it up and pour it out. You can eat it by directly flushing it with hot water. In addition, with this same function, TPU can be used as a strategic package for coffee, tea, oil, sweetener, etc. to connect the prosthetic limb with the athlete in a small bag

polysaccharide containing substances such as natural seaweed and bean sprouts are also water-soluble polymers and low calorific food. The thickness is 100 μ M film, tasteless, odorless, transparent, strong, hot sticky, can be used in a large number of bags. The obtained film bags can be dissolved in hot water of 30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ respectively. In addition to the above purposes, it can also be used as the packaging of boxed meals or fast food. Because of its high water absorption, it can keep the food inside fresh, tender and crisp. In addition, because it can partially dehumidify and prevent corruption with antibacterial agents, it can also be used to pack meat. Moreover, it can be used as the lining of cardboard boxes for flower transportation, which can maintain moisture and freshness of flowers for a long time. In addition, it can also be used as fishing bait bag. Because of its biodegradability, it does not need to be treated as special waste

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