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Introduction to the development of extra large displacement diesel engines: China's automotive diesel engine market has gone through several important time nodes from quasi heavy to today's super heavy stage of more than 10L. Among them, the quasi heavy-duty diesel engine was put into intensive use in 2003, and the displacement was concentrated at 7L; 2005 was the first stage of heavy-duty diesel engine, with a displacement of more than 8L; 2006 is

China's automotive diesel engine market has gone through several important time nodes from the quasi heavy-duty stage to today's super heavy-duty stage of more than 10L. Among them, the quasi heavy-duty diesel engine was put into intensive use in 2003, and the displacement was concentrated at 7L; 2005 was the first stage of heavy-duty diesel engine, with a displacement of more than 8L; 2006 is the second stage of heavy-duty, with a displacement of 9~10l; Since the second half of 2008, all major manufacturers have begun to produce more than 10L diesel engines in a centralized manner or in batch production, and vehicle diesel engines have entered the period of super heavy and extra large displacement of more than 10L. This period is characterized by taking 11L as the basis and aiming at the next displacement range - 12~13l

current situation of matching large displacement diesel engines with complete vehicles

since 2008, some new 12L and 13L large displacement diesel engines have been introduced in various diesel engine plants, thus making China's large-scale product clusters of large displacement heavy engines above 10L begin to form. 13L is only one step away from the last displacement level (15L) that can be developed and produced on a large scale in the field of automotive diesel engines. As the displacement continues to increase, the volume of the diesel engine will be too large, which is not conducive to matching the whole vehicle and will not form a large-scale market demand. Diesel engines above 15L generally only match a small number of special-purpose vehicles. Volvo launched the world's most powerful diesel engine d16g this year, with a displacement of only 16L and 700 horsepower (522kw)

at present, many people in China's diesel engine manufacturers with more than 10L have doubts about their homes and supporting vehicles as follows:

Xi'an Cummins ISM11 series (10.8l) - mainly supporting Shaanxi heavy duty truck, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, BAIC Foton Auman, Anhui Valin, Jianghuai, Xiamen Jinlong, Zhengzhou Yutong, etc

FAW Jiefang Xichai: ca6dn (12.5l), ca6dm (11L) - mainly equipped with FAW Jiefang J6 semitrailer tractor

Weichai Power: wd12 (11.6l), WP12 (11.6l) - mainly supporting Shaanxi heavy truck, Beijing Foton, FAW Jiefang, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, beiben heavy truck, Huanghai bus

Shanghai Hino: p11c (10.5l) - mainly supporting China heavy truck, Beijing Foton, Shaanxi heavy truck, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Valin, Xiamen Jinlong, Zhengzhou Yutong, Shanghai Huizhong

Dongfeng commercial vehicle engine plant: Renault dCi11 (11.1l) - mainly supporting Dongfeng Tianlong and Dongfeng Liuqi

sinotruk: D12 (11.6l) - mainly equipped with sinotruk HOWO series

HUACHAI: tcd2015v06 (12L) - main distribution beiben heavy truck

Yuchai: Yuchai yc6k (13L) - it is still in the loading test stage and is expected to come out at the end of 2009

Dongfeng Cummins: isz (13L) - will come out at the end of 2009 or early 2010. It is expected to be equipped with Dongfeng Tianlong series

BAIC Foton: Mercedes Benz om457 (11.967l) - joint venture project, trial production at the end of 2011. 3. Introduction motivation of test pieces, and the whole vehicle was put into production in mid-2012. It is expected that the engine will be mainly equipped with Foton Auman high-end models. SAIC Fiat Hongyan first introduced the production of Fiat cursor9, and will introduce its 10.3l and 13L diesel engines according to the needs of the market in the future. It can be seen from this that diesel engines with an extra large displacement of more than 10L have been distributed in almost all mainstream diesel engine enterprises in China. In addition, the 15L displacement diesel engine developed by Yuchai has been tested and operated for more than 20000 hours. This model is expected to match ships and construction machinery in advance. It will take at least two years for it to be applied in the automotive field. At the same time, some engine companies have launched the research and development of 8-cylinder diesel engines with larger displacement

10l diesel engines rose against the trend

monitoring statistics show that, first of all, the current market demand for 11L diesel engines is not large. Weichai's wd12 (National II emission standard) series has been put into operation for three years. Due to its early launch, only about 34000 sets have been sold in the market without any domestic model competitors, of which the proportion of supporting engineering machinery is more than 50% (about 15000 sets are really used for automobile supporting). Compared with 9~10l diesel engine, the production and sales volume is very small. The main reason for attracting enterprises to launch extra large displacement diesel engines in succession is that this type of model used to rely on imports, with relatively high profits. According to statistics, imported diesel engines with a displacement of more than 10L are mainly equipped with high-end tractors and luxury buses from youth, Xiamen Jinlong, Yutong No. 1, Xiwo and Zhongtong, and the price of these buses is more than 800000 yuan. Imported diesel engines have become one of the biggest highlights of these models in advertising and marketing

market ratio

second, from the perspective of the market, in April 2009, the sales of semi-trailer tractors in the heavy truck market increased by an average of 35.46% over the previous month, while the total mass of quasi trailers greater than 40t increased by 81.54% over the previous month, much higher than the average increase; In the passenger car market, the sales volume of passenger cars with a length of more than 10m and less than 12m increased by 76.13% over the previous month, much higher than the average increase of 4.9% for passenger cars. The demand for super power in the commercial vehicle market is very obvious. In the diesel engine market, the sales volume of heavy-duty diesel engines below 10L fell sharply in April this year. The sales volume of heavy-duty diesel engines of Weichai and China National Heavy Duty Truck fell by more than 25% compared with March, while the sales volume of diesel engines above 10L still maintained a very strong growth momentum. Against the backdrop of the continued spread of the financial crisis and the uncertain outlook for heavy vehicles, this is very noteworthy

third, having a large displacement heavy-duty diesel engine is the symbol of the enterprise's technical strength. Through the promotion of YC6M, Guangxi Yuchai has successfully achieved the transformation from medium light to heavy. The development of large displacement diesel engines is difficult and the operation cycle is long. If we do not reserve the models in advance, we will cede this most profitable market to our competitors in the future

technical sources of super large displacement models

through a careful analysis of the technical sources of super large displacement diesel engines above 10L, it can be seen that, on the one hand, the intensity of independent development is increasing. For example, FAW Jiefang Xichai, Weichai, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Yuchai, etc. have carried out independent development through consultation or cooperation with international technology companies. Some models introduced by technology, such as Renault dCi11 and DEUTZ tcd2015v06, have also been improved by Dongfeng commercial vehicle engine plant and HUACHAI in combination with the characteristics of the Chinese market. At the same time, the background of large international groups with models above 10L is more and more obvious. Cummins and Mercedes Benz diesel engines are imported from abroad, and the project itself is part of their overall international strategy. Even the seemingly isolated Shanghai Hino is no longer isolated. With the launch of the cooperation project between Hino and GAC, Shanghai Hino will enter the supporting system of GAC

competition pattern of super large displacement diesel engines

Weichai is the first engine factory to launch 12L diesel engines. Both wd12 series of national II emission standard and WP12 series of national III emission standard have a deep foundation in the market. Especially when wd12 came out, there were few competitors and the market responded well. After WP12 of national III standard was delivered, some enterprises' 12L engines have been put on the market. WP12 obviously encountered strong competitors, and the market sales volume fell sharply compared with wd12. Even Foton Auman, the most solid strategic partner, will also encounter the strong challenge of Mercedes Benz om457 diesel engine in three years. WP12's market disruption is a huge test for Weichai. Weichai's response strategy is to sharply reduce prices and various varieties (such as small displacement models WP7, wp5) and wide series. Weichai hopes to "win by more.

Yuchai is the largest diesel engine enterprise in China, but the most competitive engines of Yuchai are basically distributed in the medium power segment.

from the sales situation in 2009, driven by national policies, it is the diesel engine mainly supporting agricultural vehicles and low-end light trucks, and the growth rate of Yuchai is not as high as that of quanchai, laidong, Yunnei and other enterprises. Therefore, the current situation of Yuchai and the diesel engine market "The trend of developing towards both light and heavy engines is not consistent. As a light engine, the booming sales of agricultural low-grade diesel engines are the result of stimulating the economy under the background of the financial crisis. They are phased and will not last long. Yuchai's biggest action in terms of small power is to upgrade the YC4F engine type, and vigorously study the diesel engines for cars. But under the current policy environment, the domestic and export prospects of car diesel engines are not optimistic. Yuchai In view of the good market sales of YC6M heavy-duty engine, we decided to invest heavily in the research and development of 13L diesel engine. However, Yuchai is independent of the whole vehicle system, and the supporting difficulty is much greater than that of Dongfeng Renault, Xichai and Weichai. The supporting quantity of Yuchai YC6M model in Dongfeng Tianlong has fallen sharply since 2009. Therefore, in the future, yc6k, a 13L diesel engine, will mainly target passenger car enterprises such as Jinlong, Yutong and Huanghai, which do not have diesel engine sources

Cummins' ISM11 diesel engine should have been put into Dongfeng Cummins production. However, as early as the joint venture between Dongfeng and Nissan, Dongfeng introduced Renault's dCi11 diesel engine, which was produced in the commercial vehicle engine plant of Dongfeng Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Dongfeng and Nissan. This arrangement highlights the triangular relationship between Dongfeng Nissan and Renault. Renault holds 44.4% of the shares of Nissan, Nissan holds 15% of the shares of Renault, and Nissan and Dongfeng jointly establish Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. with 50% of the shares respectively. Although Cummins introduced the L series, its displacement was only 8.9l. With the development of Dongfeng commercial vehicle engine plant, the position of Dongfeng Cummins in Dongfeng system has become a little subtle, and the market has become more and more severe. In April this year, the diesel engine output of Dongfeng commercial vehicle engine plant increased by 71.63% over March, increased by 33.36% over the same period last year, and decreased by 19.98% over the same period last year. Dongfeng Renault's output exceeded 600 units in April 2009, and its output is one of the highest among the national III standard diesel engines above 10L. The diesel engine output of Dongfeng Cummins in April decreased by 7% compared with March, 52% compared with the same period last year, and 51% compared with the same period last year. The contrast between the production and marketing situation of the two factories is very obvious. After Cummins ISM11 diesel engine was produced in Xi'an, it was constrained by Weichai, the holding enterprise of Shaanxi heavy truck, with a monthly output of only 100 units

Jiefang's 300 horsepower (221kw) and above models are equipped with Weichai wd12 and WP12, which is obviously inconsistent with Jiefang's industry status. Therefore, supporting its own high-power diesel engine has always been Jiefang's wish. It can be said that the 6dm and 6dn that liberated Xichai bear a more arduous task. It is expected that Jiefang will help J6 models and supporting 6dn and 6dm diesel engines compete in the market at all costs. However, compared with other diesel engines with the same displacement, except Yuchai yc6k, the technical foundation and reliability of Xichai model are slightly insufficient

from the perspective of supporting relationship, only the 12L diesel engine channels of Weichai, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Xichai, Dongfeng commercial vehicle engine plant, HUACHAI and Xi'an Cummins are relatively stable, but even so, their sales are very limited. Therefore, the sales of large displacement diesel engines such as Shanghai Hino and Yuchai will not improve greatly in at least three years

12l engine market is most expected to be the joint venture product of Foton and Mercedes Benz - om457 diesel engine. Under the current market environment, it is expected that this model will not have much sales in the domestic truck field, but Mercedes Benz om457 diesel engine will not be able to support domestic luxury passenger cars

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