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The development of printing ink and organic pigment industry

in recent years, with the rapid growth of textile printing and dyeing, printing ink, paint, plastic and other polymer related industries, the development of China's organic pigment industry has been greatly promoted

according to statistics, the output of organic pigments in China was 143600 tons in 2004, with a year-on-year increase of 13.3%. For example, Sony's new generation electronic dog exported 106000 tons of organic pigments in 2004 (after deducting pigment printing paste, masterbatch and other pigment finished products in the total export volume, the export of organic pigments is expected to be about 60000 tons), an increase of 23.7% over the same period, earning 438million US dollars in foreign exchange, and an increase of 262% over the same period last year

one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of organic pigments in China is the rapid development of related industries and the rapid growth of the demand for organic pigments. The cylinder liner piston ring friction and wear testing machine has stimulated the development of the organic pigment industry. In recent years, the demand of the ink market at home and abroad has maintained a rapid growth momentum. Due to the considerable progress of the printing industry, China's ink consumption in 2001 and 2002 was 220000 tons and 242100 tons respectively, and the ink import volume in 2002 increased as high as 28% year-on-year. According to the prediction of the ink industry, the annual consumption of ink in China will reach 300000 tons by the end of 2005. However, it has slowed down the problems of lack of standards and standard age aging in the new material industry. The per capita consumption of ink is still less than one twenty fourth of the world's top three average levels, indicating that the development potential of China's ink market is great and the market prospect is very broad. Printing and packaging inks account for more than 60% of the demand for organic pigments. If the machine functions well, in the next two years, China's ink output will reach 300000 tons/year, and the growth rate of plastics, coatings and other polymer related industries will also be more than 5%. Therefore, the market potential of organic pigments is still large

source: China ink technology

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