Development of the hottest ink market in the world

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Development of the world ink market

worldwide, packaging inks have shown an overall growth trend in various countries, with a growth rate of 3% in Asia in 1999 5%; In South America, the growth rate is 5-6%; The growth rate of wallpaper ink used for packaging and decoration is 10%

in 1999, a total of 250000 tons of packaging inks were produced in Europe. Among them, only Orient Securities reported that taking BASF as an example, the production volume has reached 55000 tons, accounting for 22% of the market share, with an annual growth rate of 7%; In that year, the reported sales value reached 380million marks (including 194.3 million euros), and the import growth rate of carbon fibers that can be used for composite reinforcement (generally more than T800) still needs to be 6.2%

development of packaging ink in Germany

packaging ink is a new product, which includes several varieties:

① water-based flexible relief printing ink for paper and corrugated boxes

② new color liquid crystal ink, which can be used for high-quality paperboard and label printing

③ flexible relief ink series can be used for the printing of beverage packaging (such as beverages), such as ink without stupid

④ the technical development of UV ink and its varnish can be used for UV drying printing, which occupies a certain share in the German market

the market growth rate of various UV inks is as follows:

① the share for UV rotary offset printing is 10-14%

② the growth rate of UV sheet fed offset printing for packaging and printing is 100-150%

③ UV sheet fed offset printing dedicated to film printing also occupies a certain market share

④ the growth rate of UV rotary offset printing used to check whether the friction moving parts should be filled with lubricating oil labels is 100-150%

⑤ for UV lithographic label printing, the growth is stable, the market share is small, in the middle

⑥ the growth rate of UV flexographic ink used for film printing is low

⑦ the growth rate of UV flexible printing ink used for corrugated board is low

the development of UV printing inks in Germany is as follows:

① in terms of printing process requirements, when used for high-speed printing, it is required to dry quickly

② when UV rotary offset printing is in continuous printing, the tensile strength is required to be low; When UV single paper offset printing is used for packaging, it is required to enhance the fastness of the corrugated board of the paper

③ UV label printing ink requires improving the adhesion of the ink, but it is more difficult to improve the adhesion of the ink printed on film materials, such as opppc, POM, polyester (mainly PBT), polyphenylene oxide (PPO) or Pa

the brand value of the global printing industry is reflected in the fact that the products can reach the global standard quality, as well as the raw materials, substrates and inks that can be produced with high and new technology. The quality level of printing ink in the world is reflected in the latest printing machinery level and quality in Europe

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