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Guangzhou Panyu District has taken many measures to improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and facility treatment

at present, Guangzhou Panyu District water company operates 6 sewage treatment plants that can only be verified, with a design treatment capacity of 610000 m3/d. The district water company actively cooperates with the region's water control strategy and takes multiple measures to improve the treatment efficiency of sewage treatment facilities

it is understood that 646km of sewage pipes, 16 pump stations and 10 sewage interceptors are operated and maintained in this area. There are pipes in various sewage collection and treatment systems, high operating liquid level in the pump house in the plant area, and the stools in the right figure use materials that only turn red when exposed to ultraviolet light, and the influent concentration is low. The district water company has greatly improved the sewage treatment efficiency by transforming some systems of Qianfeng phase I and phase II, adding an integrated pump station of pingkang pendulum rapid drop Park, building a batch of integrated treatment facilities to strengthen industrial operation monitoring and analysis, and promoting the construction of water purification plants

it is reported that the sewage treatment capacity of the six water purification plants in Panyu District and the integrated water purification equipment that has been put into operation and under construction are 610000 m3/d and 113200 m3/d respectively, with a total treatment capacity of 723200 m3/d, which can meet the current sewage treatment demand of the district. At the same time, the expansion and construction of some water purification plants in the area are being accelerated. With the completion of Hualong water purification plant phase II (30000 m3/d), Dashi water purification plant phase II (50000 m3/d), Nancun water purification plant phase II (50000 m3/d) and Luoxi water purification plant (50000 m3/d), the sewage treatment scale of the seven water purification plants in the area will reach 790000 m3/D, and the sewage treatment pressure of each water purification plant will be effectively relieved

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